7 Steps to Building a Solid Inbound Recruiting Campaign


With 35,000 truck driver positions needing to be filled, it’s clear trucking companies are finding themselves scrambling to recruit drivers through any means possible. Popular means include classified ads, job board postings, pay-per-click ads, paid social campaigns, and various forms of direct response advertising. The goal is to fill driver positions, and these methods are perfect for that. But there’s one type of advertising you should learn more about…

Inbound Recruiting.

Because the way businesses and prospects connect and form a relationship has evolved, we’re seeing more and more successful trends of inbound recruiting. It’s an online technique to finding potential drivers, appealing to them and leading them to a conversion.

Let’s talk about it.


3 Essential Questions To Ask Truck Driver Candidates

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If hiring truck drivers is part of your job description, asking the right questions to candidates will undoubtedly lead to more quality hires and reduce your turnover. It’s important to pose your questions in a way that reveals the ethics and culture of the company, as well as reveal insights into their character. Finding the right balance is not always easy, and knowing the ways to interpret responses can also be a challenge.

Aside from the typical employment history questions, it’s helpful for both the trucking company and applicant to understand how–or if–they are a good fit. As a start, take a look at these three essential questions to ask truck driver candidates.


How To Retarget Truck Drivers on Facebook [3 Steps]


Potential truck drivers spend a lot of time on Facebook. Not only is it by far the most popular social network, but the world’s gone mobile — it’s so fast and easy to pull up this social media app at a rest stop, in line at the grocery store, or before getting some shut eye in a sleeper cab.

Facebook advertising campaigns are a great way to find drivers. Today we’re discussing a highly effective method to target driver prospects on this channel who’ve shown interest in your trucking company before: retargeting.


6 Tips to Become a Successful Driver Recruiter

Being a driver recruiter allows you the freedom to be creative in your profession. The recruiting industry is full of endless opportunities and can bring much satisfaction! Of course, driver recruiting also brings with it the pressure to succeed; the current shortage is no easy task to overcome, and as a recruiter you must be on top of your game to find and hire qualified truck drivers.