How to Convert Driver Leads With Better Landing Pages

To reach your set goals, you have to take big steps in the right direction to get there. This is a honest fact in all aspects of life, and in this case, recruiting and hiring truck drivers. If you’re a driver recruiter wishing for a full pipeline of qualified leads, how can you make that happen? Let’s talk landing pages.


5 Driver Recruiting Tips For Creating an Awesome LinkedIn Profile


The Hightower Agency knows what it takes to excel in the driver recruitment advertising field. We’ve been helping trucking companies do just that for 25 years. Things have changed a bit along the way… online advertising, such as social media, has become one of the biggest developments to affect our industry.

One of the popular social networks many people are curious about is LinkedIn. These guys know what it takes to build a professional social network. And while the majority of truck drivers are on Facebook, it’s important to use multiple recruiting tools while looking your best.


5 Reasons Why Your Driver Recruiting Sites Aren’t Performing


Truck driver recruiting is becoming more and more dependent on the web every day. As prospects are being consistently targeted by companies, they’re viewing numerous websites and jobs across the board. In order to successfully recruit drivers and increase conversions, it’s important your driver recruiting sites and landing pages are optimized and performing at their full potential.

Let’s go over a few tips!


How to Generate Truck Driver Leads With Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret the use of mobile devices is soaring. More and more people are using phones and tablets to accomplish a task, including searching for driver jobs. To keep up with this new trend, successful mobile marketing now means creating a seamless, optimized experience on mobile devices. It’s pretty imperative to your trucking company because think about it… who’s more mobile than drivers?


Mobile marketing is as simple as optimizing your mobile strategies. To do so successfully, you should be thinking about responsive design and lead generation. When you have a responsive design, your website will appear properly formatted and designed across any device. Then you can learn how to generate driver leads through various tactics that will be similar to what you have done in other areas of your recruitment advertising.