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How To Attract Top Truck Driver Talent

It’s no secret there’s a wide truck driver shortage across the country.  Trucking companies are recruiting candidates left and right, and because candidates have the ability to be choosier, attracting top driver talent is a challenge. With fierce competition to reach experienced drivers and the growth of digital channels and technology, companies need to step up their recruitment game.

So with all of these challenges, the big question is: How do you get the right candidates to apply? Let’s explore a couple of best practices and tips to attract top truck driver talent.


16 Video Marketing Statistics You Should Know


Can putting a video on a landing page help increase that page’s conversion rate? Can adding videos to your blog posts help drive more traffic? Can using video in your driver recruitment strategy have a measurable effect on hires?

With today’s truck driver shortage, a multi-faceted approach is crucial to successfully recruit drivers – that approach should include video. To explore the above questions and prove the value of video marketing, read on!