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How To Get Truck Drivers on Twitter to Follow You


While the majority of truck drivers are active on Facebook, we’re seeing Twitter become a more popular social network for the truck driving audience. If you’re recruiting drivers and curious about using Twitter as a method to find potential hires, take a look at these tips for growing your following—and ultimately your fleet!


YouTube to Recruit Drivers: 7 Video Mistakes To Avoid


Remember many moons ago when people would use a real encyclopedia to find information? As the Internet became more popular, we would “Google” it to find the answer. Today, people are continuing to take it to the next level by using YouTube as a source for information. Why? Because video is awesome. We’re able to actually visualize what we’re looking at — and this type of interactive content isn’t going away.

In fact, did you know YouTube has more than 1 billion users and more than half of video views are on mobile devices? A) That’s a large audience you could be reaching. B) If anyone is mobile, it’s truck drivers.


3 Truck Driver Recruiting Tips For The Long Haul

driver recruitment.jpg

If you’re a driver recruiter, you know that finding highly-qualified truck drivers is not as easy as it may seem. Driver recruiting is a concept that has been the bane of trucking companies for a while now, and finding innovative ways to recruit candidates is necessary for reaching hiring goals. Whether your budget is big or small, or whether you’re using a ton or only a few advertising platforms, these tips are good for the long haul for recruiting and retaining drivers.