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5 Reasons Why Your Driver Recruiting Sites Aren’t Performing


Truck driver recruiting is becoming more and more dependent on the web every day. As prospects are being consistently targeted by companies, they’re viewing numerous websites and jobs across the board. In order to successfully recruit drivers and increase conversions, it’s important your driver recruiting sites and landing pages are optimized and performing at their full potential.

Let’s go over a few tips!


How To Attract and Convert More Driver Leads

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In driver recruitment advertising, we really focus on direct response techniques. Direct response advertising evokes an immediate response and compels people to a take a specific action. It requires a strong call-to-action to encourage candidates to respond to your offer. By capturing these responses, you’re able to convert driver leads and generate new hires. Direct mail, pay-per-click, display ads, and other call-to-action advertisements are just a few examples.

To meet your recruiting goals in this tough driver shortage, you need more applications to turn into hires. It doesn’t really matter how many Facebook likes you have or how much website traffic you’re getting if you’re not generating qualified leads. In addition to the importance of direct response ads, we have some tips for you to create a solid driver recruiting strategy and powerful online presence that attracts prospects and converts them to leads.


How to Target and Recruit Women Truck Drivers

Women are entering the workforce in even greater numbers these days, and that goes for the transportation industry, as well. According to the American Trucking Associations, women are increasingly joining the ranks behind the wheel of America’s trucking companies. They now account for 5.8% of the drivers nationally, up from 4.6% just five years ago.

With today’s driver shortage, what should your company be doing to target and attract more female truck drivers?