Is Print Dead? Nope, Just Different.


As Mark Twain said when the New York Journal mistakenly published his obituary, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Let’s talk print (print advertising for driver recruiting, specifically.)

We all know the Internet has taken on a strong new role in recruitment advertising. And yes, it looks as if this may be a leading role. But carriers who have decided to only advertise on a digital level may be missing the unique advantages that a printed message still offers. Using print advertising to recruit truck drivers still has its place.


Use Facebook to Recruit Truck Drivers

Why are some companies so well liked on Facebook, while other corporate pages sit empty and idle? The reasons may surprise you. Here are five things you can do to gain more Facebook followers, based on recent ExactTarget research on why people click the like button in the first place.


What’s Next

With the Mid America Truck Show behind us, what’s next on your recruiting agenda?

matsBefore you step forward too fast, take time to follow up with the people you met in Louisville. A simple letter telling them how much you appreciated their time for stopping by your booth can pay huge dividends. And don’t stop with just one follow up. Monthly notes to keep each MATS attendee informed will continue to keep your name in front of them. As the dust settles weeks and even months after the largest of all truck shows, this is very important.

The consensus of truck show attendees this year is that business has improved and good applicants are very difficult to find. Let’s face it, the recruiting environment was easier during the economic slowdown. Fewer job opportunities made it a carrier’s market and recruiters could be more selective. Leads were at all-time highs even though advertising budgets were slashed. Unfortunately that is no more. We’re all feeling the effects of the tighter recruiting environment. So what are you doing to address this?

Have you devoted any time to staff training? When recruiting was easier two years ago, some bad habits may have developed. Listen in on phone calls. If you work with a service like Call Source, spend time each week listening to recordings of the actual calls. Set up weekly training refreshers, even if they are just 15 minutes long.

Make sure you’re presenting your company in the best way possible. After all, the recruiter IS the company to that applicant.

— Randy Scheel, Director of Sales