5 Common Pay-Per-Click Mistakes

Have you considered using pay-per-click in your driver recruitment efforts? If you want to get your website noticed on the web, pay-per-click is a great choice; it’s evolved into the premier way to advertise on the web. This directed advertising mechanism points to a specific target audience and is an excellent way to maximize your advertising dollar. Trucking companies can actively and effectively recruit drivers using pay-per-click, but you should be aware of some critical mistakes.

Improving Search Results in Your Driver Recruitment Efforts


It’s not an overnight process for driving quality traffic to your website, let alone turn your website into a top driver lead source. But with a consistent, effective strategy, it’s perfectly doable. That’s because your driver recruitment efforts are only as good as the strategies you implement. Mediocre strategies inevitably lead to poor pay-per-click results. Arm your company with tried and tested strategies instead. Keep reading for a couple of tips!


Content Marketing for Trucking Companies


Drivers are the lifeblood of any trucking company! Without them a carrier would falter and ultimately fail.  During the first quarter of 2013, the turnover rate for the U. S. trucking industry rose to 97% for large truckload fleets. At smaller truckload fleets, the rate rose to 82% in the first quarter. Another frightening thought is how CSA is impacting an already shrinking driver pool.