Improving Search Results in Your Driver Recruitment Efforts


It’s not an overnight process for driving quality traffic to your website, let alone turn your website into a top driver lead source. But with a consistent, effective strategy, it’s perfectly doable. That’s because your driver recruitment efforts are only as good as the strategies you implement. Mediocre strategies inevitably lead to poor pay-per-click results. Arm your company with tried and tested strategies instead. Keep reading for a couple of tips!

The Blogging Side

Blogging is crucial to your digital recruitment campaign for a lot of reasons.

For one, it establishes trust as long as you offer helpful, hype-free content. You can even offer free eBooks and other resources. Drivers are thus encouraged to subscribe and leave their contact information. You can use such information to personalize your offerings or connect with them through email.

Organic Search Results Side

This should be easier once you’ve started blogging consistently. Since the blog resides on your website—on a subdomain—you can simply link to your primary domain, drive traffic to your landing pages and improve your position in the organic search engines. You can also link to your own career page, job board, or another recruitment landing page.

The SEO Side

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert. But you have to have basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) at least. Here are some basic SEO principles you need to know:

  • Include relevant keywords in your copy. Use them as anchor texts when linking to web pages inside and outside of your domain. If you’re advertising job positions, be sure to include job-specific keywords such as location.
  • Target the right applicant by improving your job description.
  • Blog consistently. Regular publishing is the biggest factor in SEO success. The more quality posts you write, the more attention you get from the search engines.
  • Create and stick to an editorial calendar. Make sure to include targeted keywords, titles and article descriptions, and assigned authors. Remember, you won’t hit what you don’t target.

The Social Side

The simplest way to raise awareness among and connect with prospective applicants is through social media. Start by providing links to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on your website and blog.

Awareness always comes first. And if your blog posts and free resources resonate well with drivers, they are likely to follow you on social media. Download our free social media to implement in your driver recruitment strategy.

The Content Marketing Side

Setting up a blog is the simplest content marketing strategy you can implement. In it, you can publish shareable content in any types of format in order to attract drivers. But your competitors are playing the same game. They blog, too.

The question, then, is: how can you improve your content marketing strategy? How will you make sure drivers find you first and trust you more than the competition? Here’s how.

  • Focus on your own brand. Don’t be a copycat. That’s a surefire way to ruin your image online. People will see you as yet another mediocre company.
  • Try other content formats. Well-written articles are great, but so are well-researched infographics and compelling short videos.
  • Measure and analyze. Do you know that you can reach your marketing goals with the help of Google Analytics? Track down traffic sources. See where your potential leads are coming from and what type of information they consume most. Do more of what works.

If you’re ready to blog or improve your content marketing strategy and driver recruitment efforts, get the help you need from the Hightower Agency. As one of the top recruitment agencies in the trucking industry, we offer a wide variety of driver recruiting services. Get it touch today for a free consultation.

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