5 Common Pay-Per-Click Mistakes

Have you considered using pay-per-click in your driver recruitment efforts? If you want to get your website noticed on the web, pay-per-click is a great choice; it’s evolved into the premier way to advertise on the web. This directed advertising mechanism points to a specific target audience and is an excellent way to maximize your advertising dollar. Trucking companies can actively and effectively recruit drivers using pay-per-click, but you should be aware of some critical mistakes.


Here are five common errors to avoid when planning your pay-per-click driver recruitment campaign:

  1. Using Generic Keywords – Be specific when it comes to your choosing your keywords. Buying search words cost money, so you want to be sure you’re choosing the best words for search engine results. For instance, the search of “trucking” can return anything that has trucking in the title or description and since it’s a popular search word, it can be expensive. Instead, purchase the combined key words of “trucking job” or “trucking employment.” The combination will be less costly and directed to the people looking for driver jobs specifically. Also, if you don’t want particular words in your database, you can easily add negative keywords. This will ensure that a given term is never included in your account or bid on in your PPC campaign.
  2. Not Having a Call-to-Action – It’s important to determine a call-to-action on your pay-per-click ad. There should be a link for your reader to follow after reviewing the ad. It could be a link a job application or to a free newsletter. Make sure it’s enticing, engaging yet easy to navigate. Sell the click (make it worth the while of the prospect to click on your ad!)
  3. Not Linking Directly to Your Recruitment Page – One mistake companies make is they don’t link a specific web page in their pay-per-click ad. For instance, if you are trying to recruit drivers, have your pay-per-click ad link directly to your recruitment page or landing page, not to your homepage. Give the reader what they are expecting in a timely manner; don’t make them click around on your web site looking for the employment page.
  4. Not Testing Out Various Ads – Try A/B Testing. You should split test your pay-per-click ads to see which ones work and which ones don’t. Write several ads and place them on different sites on a random basis. See how each one does in terms of getting a response from readers. Keep the ones that work and re-tool the ads not getting the desired result. Tracking your ads is also a great suggestion. You must know how they are doing and what influence they have on the people reading them.
  5. Not Using the Display Network – The content network (or display network) is a network of sites that provide content (text, videos, audio, etc.) and allows advertisers to show ads along side it. When creating your PPC campaign, be sure to include the Content Network option. The content network can potentially represent a lot of clicks and impressions in your driver recruitment ads. Sometimes these additional clicks and impressions can mean more conversions and more potential drivers exposed to your business. Learn more about display network here.

When creating your driver recruitment pay-per-click ad, consider these five common errors so your ad will be optimized for potential truck drivers. You want your ad to draw interested, active members of the truck driving community. As a driver recruitment agency, we recognize the importance of every recruiting tool. This includes website development, use of social networking platforms, brochures, billboards and advertising in a variety of media including television, radio, newspaper and other publications.

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