Use Facebook to Recruit Truck Drivers

Why are some companies so well liked on Facebook, while other corporate pages sit empty and idle? The reasons may surprise you. Here are five things you can do to gain more Facebook followers, based on recent ExactTarget research on why people click the like button in the first place.

facebook1.) GIVE STUFF AWAY
Getting something free from a company, like a discount or freebie or exclusive content, was the #1 reason for fans liking a Facebook page. Give away a promotional item like a T-shirt, baseball cap, bumper sticker or other item with your logo. Set up your page so that fans can print out a discount coupon after they’ve pressed the like button. Or offer a chance at winning a higher value item, like a gift card, by holding a drawing: “like this post/answer our poll for a chance to win the prize.”
Don’t forget to publicize the winner. This gives you another opportunity to present your company in a good light and show how many people participated in your contest.

The second reason why people like a Facebook page is to support a company and let other people know they support it.
So get the word out to all the people who are already associated with your company and ask them to show it. Send an email announcing your Facebook page to employees, customers, friends and vendors and invite them to ‘like’ you.

Staying updated on a company’s activities is the number-three reason people like a corporate Facebook page. So you’ll want to make it as simple as possible to get to your page.
Stamp a blue Facebook logo everywhere you can. Put it on your website, print pieces, posters, ads, even business cards, so people know they can find you. Mention it whenever you’re interacting with customers or recruits on the phone or in person.

The fourth most common reason people like your Facebook page is to learn more about the company.
One of the best ways to do this is to exploit word of mouth communication and get people sharing your posts on their own Facebook pages. So give them something to talk about. Make sure your posts are always interesting, helpful and/or entertaining.
Let people know that your business cares about its employees, has a fun atmosphere and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Everyone likes some personality and Facebook is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition in an informal setting.
Remember, Facebook exists is an off-duty, fun environment so it’s ok to goof around a bit. Stay away from too much corporate propaganda or you’ll send your readers scrambling for a page that’s more enjoyable to participate in.

Have you noticed those ads on the right side of your newsfeed? They are specifically targeted to you based on your interests that are listed in your Facebook profile. It’s a great way to draw new recruits to your company.
You can set your ad up based on what your typical recruit’s interests are. For example, you could target those who are interested in trucks, enjoy traveling and are already fans of Peterbilt Motors. You can get as specific as you want, and attract the people you want, perhaps more effectively than anywhere else online.

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