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5 Pro Tips For Your Driver Recruiting Website


Driver recruitment advertising continues to grow in the online world. Now more than ever, a strong website is a must. It’s the first place people go to learn more about your company, and first impressions are everything. If your driver recruiting website isn’t up to par, you’ll quickly lose opportunities to connect with your audience.

Take a gander at these five pro tips to see if your site is optimized for recruiting truck drivers.


The Four A’s of Driver Recruitment Advertising

Truck driver recruiting offers many fantastic benefits and rewarding opportunities. Meeting recruitment goals can be a challenge as the transportation industry works against the driver shortage. But just like any other career, valuable materials and encouraging advice can help lead you to the road to success!

Our friends at published a great guide on the four A’s of recruitment advertising; for our purposes today, we’re taking a look at these in light of the specific needs to recruiting drivers.



The Lowdown on Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Did you hear? Google recently announced a change in their mobile-friendly algorithm that signals a big shift in the way the search results work. For those in the business of recruiting truck drivers, Google’s planned update is extremely important.

So what did Google have to say? Well, the company announced that it will change their algorithm that controls websites’ SEO-based rankings on mobile devices. In English, they’re planning to adjust their software in a way that will affect where your website ranks when driver prospects search for things like “truck driving jobs” on their mobile device.

Recruiting truck drivers? Listen up!