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Why Performance Marketing Is A Solid Choice In Driver Recruiting


Gone are the days when newspaper was the main source for job placements. With competition in this day and age, trucking companies are using multiple hiring techniques and digital platforms in order to reach their target audience. This speaks true to driver recruitment advertising.

If you’re up against the competition to fill trucks, you want every penny to count when it comes to recruitment ad dollars. Let’s talk about Performance Marketing.



Blogging to Recruit Truck Drivers


If you’re in the trucking biz, blogging can be a great driver recruiting technique. Blogs provide information to your readers interested in the industry in a fun, informative and conversational matter. Consistent blog content about the trucking world is a low-cost ticket to improve SEO and build relationships with your target audience.

Let’s talk about it!


Tips to Retain Truck Drivers


We like to give our readers tips on the best ways to recruit truck drivers – but what happens after you recruit and hire them? Once drivers join your fleet, it’s important to not forget the retention part. If you don’t take steps to retain truck drivers, it could worsen your turnover rates. You’re already trying to fill trucks, so you definitely don’t want to lose the ones you’ve worked hard to fill.

Take a look at these 3 driver retention tips!


How The Role of Driver Recruiters Is Changing


If you’re familiar with the Hightower blog, you know we like to provide helpful tips and tricks for recruiting truck drivers. But what about driver recruiters themselves?

If attracting qualified drivers is on your company’s to-do list (and it should be in this market), you should first feel confident that you have a diverse, multi-skilled team of recruiters that can reach an audience of all ages and interests, while putting your brand’s best foot forward.