Pokémon Go: The Newest Marketing Tool?


It’s no secret our society is fascinated with mobile apps: these little guys can do everything. From social media sharing to getting a taxi to watching Netflix, it’s like having your own personal superhero in the palm of your hand. And while no one expected it, a new app has become a viral sensation: Pokémon Go.

For those unfamiliar with the newest gaming fad, the app allows people to search for and discover virtual Pokémon creatures throughout real-world locations. Essentially, players can use their camera phone to locate and catch hundreds of Pokémon species as they explore their surroundings.

Whether you think the game is super fun, nerdy, or just an excuse to procrasinate, I think we can all agree it’s a phenomenon gone wild. In fact, Pokémon Go is now the most popular mobile game in history and businesses are trying to cash in on the craze.

For businesses of all sizes, Pokémon Go is becoming more than just a game. It’s becoming a profitable marketing tool. Check it out…  As gamers traverse their towns in search of hidden treasures, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity by coming up with creative marketing campaigns to drive foot traffic and in-app purchases—and for some, the success has surpasssed their expectations. According to Fortune, the augmented reality game already has over 65 million users in the U.S. alone. Quartz reports that those players are spending $1.6 million per day on in-app purchases. That’s pretty incredible.

As businesses use the game as a marketing tool, and individuals use it to play and explore, safety organizations are concerned about distracted pedestrians and drivers. Reports of traffic troubles created by the app are already in the news. Evidently some players actually walked off of a near 100-foot cliff in their pursuit of gaming stardom. Another accident was recently reported by Texas police where a rear-end collision was caused by drivers stopping recklessly to “catch a Pokémon.” Needless to say, safety groups are continuing to issue warnings about the game and distracted driving. So remember to have fun, look both ways, and keep an eye on wherever you’re headed (not focused on your next Pokémon creature!)

All in all, your company should consider incorporating this augmented reality game as a way to drive traffic and conversions. Here’s a great article from Inc. Magazine on ways businesses can capitalize on the mobile app sensation.

When it comes to safety, transportation, and recruiting truck drivers, how can your company join the Pokémon Go phenomenon and leverage it as a driver recruiting tool? Tell us your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comments below!

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