How You Can Grow Driver Leads & Improve Social Media Engagement


Would you like to generate truck driver leads, send traffic to your website, organically grow your Facebook “likes” and improve your trucking company’s social media activity all in one without buying an ad campaign? Yes, it is possible!

We’ll cut right to the chase — the secret to making all of this happen is to launch a Facebook promotion through a Facebook app on your page. It’s a fun way to grow driver leads, boost engagement, and build brand awareness. We’ll tell you how to do it and quick tips to developing a successful social media promotion strategy to reach qualified truck drivers.

registerThe first step to creating a Facebook promo is brainstorming some type of prize you’d like to give away for the promotion. Who is your target audience? What are their hobbies? Where do they shop? What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? Create a buyer persona and analyze what item would entice your audience. It should be of value, pertain to their interests and most of all, catch their attention so Facebookers are more likely to take action.

When you have a prize in mind that will WOW your audience, it’s time to create your Facebook contest. And we’re not referring to a contest such as “Comment on this post for your chance to win.” Nope, we have a better way–a much better way to reach prospective drivers and move them through the conversion process. Here’s how it works and the perks:

1.  How Participants Enter – By setting up an entry form on your Facebook application, users can fill out a short form to enter your promotion. For example, a name and email address. In addition to the form, the app can include content that further explains the prize and your company logo. The best part about this step? Non-fans will be directed to “like” your Facebook page before entering. New visitors are now following your page and entering their email in only a matter of seconds! 

People love freebies and if it’s easy for them to enter, they’ll do it. All it takes is a quick click of a button or tap on their mobile device (yep, it’s mobile-friendly.) Offering freebies also boosts social activity because it’s about them. Your audience is more inclined to talk and engage with your brand because it’s topic of interest that affects them.

BENEFIT:  Generate driver leads. Grow your Facebook fan base. Improve social media engagement.

— Step #1 Example from Rubbermaid —


2.  What Happens After They Enter – After participants hit that Enter button, give them a little nice thank you message and offer the opportunity to share with their friends for bonus entries (a promotion is successful when you give people a valuable incentive.) So not only is your company directly in front of participants, but also to all of their friends. You can even provide a “Share-Dialog Pop Up” to make it simple for participants to share. This is the ultimate method to grab attention on the News Feed and cast a wider net across Facebook.

But wait, there’s more! Also on the post-entry step, include a “click here” link to your website or landing page for prospective drivers to apply. By sending traffic to your recruiting site, visitors can learn more about your company and fill out a driver application.

BENEFIT:  Shared promotion across the Facebook platform by your very own fans. Send traffic to your recruiting site.

 –Step #2 Example from Rubbermaid —


3.  How To Pick a Winner – Once the contest is all over and done with, anyone who tries to access your giveaway will know it has concluded with an automatic ended message. Now it’s time to check out your analytics, entries, and pick a lucky winner using the random generator. Are you thinking “What if it picks an employee within the company?” We’re a step ahead of you… No worries. You can pick another winner for an alternative participant. 


To contact your winner, just shoot them an email telling them the good news. In fact, find out if you can take a photo of the winner to post to your Facebook page. Announcing the winner’s name tells people your contest was legit.

You’ll also want to dive into your analytics: number of entries, new Facebook “likes”, shares, views, invites, and engagement growth.

BENEFIT: Random generator allows for a fair contest. Easy to contact winner. Posted photo of winner shows validity.

How can I promote my contest?

If you don’t let others in on your giveaway, your entry database won’t be too impressive. Advertise your promotion and encourage social media lovers to join in on the fun. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Post it to your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube)
  • Place a CTA (call-to-action) button on your website linking to the promotion
  • Send out an email blast linking to the promotion
  • Team up with people who like you: ask company sponsors and supporters to post about it. This introduces a whole new audience and spreads your company brand awareness.
  • Create a Facebook ad campaign

Tip:  A Facebook promotion does not require a paid campaign, but if you really want to take it to the next level, create a Facebook ad that sends direct traffic to your contest. For example, you can set parameters and target a specific audience through an ad campaign so your Facebook promo will show up in your audience’s News Feed. You can set it to pay-per-click so you only pay for the clicks it receives. Pretty cool, huh? An advertising campaign in conjunction with your contest will result in a powerful and highly effective promotion. Learn more about Facebook advertising here.

Facebook is by far the largest social network with a pool full of active users in the trucking industry, so we can assure you that you will reach qualified drivers and raise brand awareness. 

Want help launching a Facebook promotion to recruit drivers? Contact the Hightower Agency here and we’re happy to help! Some of our other offerings include: geotargetingbloggingcreating call-to-actionsretargeting on Facebookdata miningsearch engine marketingcreation of landing pagesdeveloping responsive websites, radio advertising, remarketingemail marketingGoogle AdWords and various types of PPC campaigns, creation of mobile sites, ad campaigns, publication ads, brochures, Internet placement, newspaper placement, ad copy, website redesign and more.

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