Why You Need To Do This to Recruit Drivers on Craigslist


It’s been 18 years since Craigslist founder Craig Newmark launched “craigslist.org” and we must say, the site doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Craigslist–a classified advertisements site with sections devoted to local jobs, housings, for sale, items wanted, services, and discussion forums–has picked up steam over the years like no one expected. Today, more than 60 million people use Craigslist each month in the U.S. alone!

Why You Should Be Recruiting Drivers on Craigslist

A big reason Craiglist holds ranks as one of the most visited websites in the country is due to the fact that it has become a well-known, effective job board. It’s proving itself to be a successful tool for job seekers and companies on the hiring route. Specificially when it comes to using Craigslist as a source to recruit truck driversthis network has legitimate potential. Drivers and those within the trucking industry are aware of the website and how user-friendly it is. Large pools of potential drivers within your hiring zones know about Craigslist and continuously access it. With more than 60 million visitors every month, it’s clear this is a fantastic driver recruitment tool.

What You Need to Know to Recruit Drivers on Craigslist

The unique idea behind Craigslist is that their goal is to provide a platform for locals seeking and posting jobs, housing, items wanted, etc. Therefore, Craigslist’s posting regulations include certain location boundaries. Their Terms of Use tell us that every posting must match up to the location it pertains to. Anyone posting to the Craigslist classifieds needs to create that posting literally within the same location.

For example, if your trucking company is headquartered in Nashville, TN and you try to publish a truck driver job in one of your hot hiring zones such as Atlanta, GA, your posting will be removed. The Nashville IP address indicates the post didn’t originate from Atlanta and will be flagged.

In other words, you wouldn’t be able to publish driver job postings across multiple hiring zones. But the system has some solid reasoning behind it. By incorporating this rule, it reduces spam and it’s also beneficial for locals browsing Craigslist. However, for those wanting to use it as a tool to reach people outside of their realm–such as trucking companies recruiting drivers across the grid–this restriction could raise some concerns. But don’t be alarmed… we can help!

How You Can Post Driver Jobs to Multiple Markets

If you’re interested in posting driver jobs to all of your hiring zones across Craigslist, just tell the Hightower Agency and we’ll make it happen! We make it possible for trucking companies to have published, awesome-looking, trackable driver job postings to multiple areas across the country in a matter of minutes. Is it magic? Who knows?!

So tell the folks at the Hightower Agency you’d like to post X amount of driver jobs to X hiring areas… We will quickly and accurately confirm the content and voilĂ ! You’re set. No flagged postings or time spent creating and publishing hundreds of postings. In addition, your driver jobs will automatically post every 48 hours for a 30 day period. We can accept a file containing all driver jobs you’d like posted rather than just one job at a time, as well. You can now have the advantage over competitors to post driver jobs on Craigslist anywhere, anytime.

Step #1 to increase impressions and traffic to your trucking job postings on Craigslist is contacting the Hightower Agency. This fast-growing, popular job board is a powerful way to recruit truck drivers. Give us a call at 601.853.1822 or email info@hightoweragency.com to learn how we can help you quickly and easily recruit drivers on numerous locations across Craigslist.

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