Geo-Targeting to Recruit Drivers


Location, Location, Location.

Modern society is constantly on the move. In order to keep up with this trend, driver recruitment advertising must evolve to capture your targeted audience’s interest. Particularly if you are involved in the trucking industry, being able to tailor content based on location is one of the most effective ways to increase your driver prospect base. To attract high quality leads, you must follow your potential drivers and deliver the right content whenever, wherever. This is where geo-targeted trucking ads can help. By limiting your content to specific areas, you can be sure that you are only attracting those who are involved in the industry and within a vicinity suitable for your company.

How Geo-Targeting Works

“Geo-Targeted Advertising” may seem like fancy executive speak, however the truth is that it’s pretty straightforward. Simply put, geo-targeting allows you to narrow the geographical scope of your campaign–whether it be certain cities, regions or even a specific IP block or address.

When using a service such as Google AdWords, you are able to further filter your reach by choosing either your prospects’ physical location or their “location of interest” (areas they are searching for). For example, if you are based in West Newbury, MA and a prospect searches for “Trucking Companies in West Newbury, MA”, then your advertisement will be highlighted. Now, your company is promoted and the user has found exactly what they were searching for. A win-win.

Route Based Geo-Targeted Trucking Ads

geotargetingCreating powerful and engaging trucking ads can bring with it additional challenges. The nature of the trucking industry dictates that your leads will be continuously moving from place to place, stopping at certain sites and driving past others. Thankfully, advertising platforms such as Google AdWords allow you to “Geo-Fence” your trucking ads by marking off a virtual perimeter which encompasses the area you wish to target. For example, you can target an IP block (an entire vicinity consisted of IP addresses) or one specific IP address, such as a driving school or truck stop. In addition, you can streamline your geo-targeted ads to deliver your content along driving routes.

Geo-Fencing is crucial for reaching qualified driver leads as you are able to mark your zone according to typical driver routes and truck stops. As your prospects’ IP address will be continuously changing you are able to deliver the right content at the right time.

Increase Engagement With Your Audience

Engagement is the key “buzz word” when discussing inbound marketing, and is the real crux that distinguishes it from traditional methods. Rather than relentlessly chasing an ever-changing audience, you are able to plant the seeds and allow prospects to come to you. By creating engaging geo-targeted trucking ads, your potential driver base will be left with an overwhelming need to find out more. This flips the traditional “seller-buyer” mentality on its head; it is the driver who is pro-actively seeking more information rather than the company chasing leads. This is what we like to see! 

Powerful geo-targeted trucking ads should attract a strong driver base to your company. Once they have actively shown interest, it is then down to your landing pages and CTAs (call-to-actions) to convert these leads into potential truck drivers. Although geo-targeted trucking ads can greatly increase your marketing efficiency, they will not convert your prospects for you. It is crucial then, that a comprehensive framework be in place to attract, nurture and finally convert your prospect base into drivers.

How Geo-Targeted Trucking Ads Helps Attract High Quality Leads

The most significant benefit of geo-targeted trucking ads is that you can vastly reduce your target area to attract only those deemed suitable for the role. It is common sense that trucking content is entirely wasted on those outside the industry, so creating industry-specific content means that you are attracting only those interested in the profession to your website. Not only does this decrease marketing expenditure, it also significantly increases your ROI as you are attracting a qualified driver base with your initial marketing campaign.7_location

Through various methods, geo-targeting to recruit drivers can massively increase your company’s efficiency in growing driver leads. Let’s review how you can leverage geo-targeted trucking ads:

  • Target a specific location — whether it’s a local driving school or truck stop, tailor your content so that it is only available to that location’s IP address.
  • Streamline geo-targeted trucking ads — deliver your content along common driving routes.
  • Incorporate inbound marketing — customize your landing pages to attract only the most highly qualified drivers in the industry. Additionally, as these drivers have discovered your company organically, you can be assured that they are highly motivated and eager to progress their career.

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