How to Convert Driver Leads With Better Landing Pages

To reach your set goals, you have to take big steps in the right direction to get there. This is a honest fact in all aspects of life, and in this case, recruiting and hiring truck drivers. If you’re a driver recruiter wishing for a full pipeline of qualified leads, how can you make that happen? Let’s talk landing pages.

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First, the problem is many companies spend time and effort driving massive amounts of traffic to their website through pay-per-click, job postings, social media, and email campaigns. This is great, but it’s not the best way to push prospective drivers through the conversion process. If you’re wishing for more leads and sending traffic to your company homepage, you’ve already failed.

With so much investment in traffic, many forget the second part of lead generation in driver recruitment – conversions. That’s where landing pages come in. These are pages on the web on which a visitor might land that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form.

The Goal

The simple fact is this: landing pages focus on one thing and that’s converting visitors into leads. They feature an offer that entice visitors to exchange their contact information (name, email, etc…) for that offer.

Whether you’re asking for details in exchange for an appointment with a recruiter (i.e. contact form), free eBook, demo download, or other type of call-to-action, the goal is to require visitors to take action. This converts more traffic into qualified driver leads, a must in recruitment advertising!

The Design

Because landing pages have forms on them and exist purely to capture a visitor’s information via that form, they shouldn’t have distractions. The design should feature explanatory copy and a short form so they are completely optimized to capture prospects’ information. In fact, this is all you need to showcase:

  • Title
  • Bulleted copy
  • An image
  • Short form

With only these four components, there’s no room for distractions. Your visitors will only have the option to quickly scan your content and complete the form. This is exactly what you want to convert driver leads.

In addition to the above, you still want to have a branded theme. Incorporate your logo, colors, and similar verbiage to match your other sites.

The Thank You Page

After your visitors convert to leads (yay!), provide a “thank you” message and a secondary call-to-action. Not necessarily another form, but something to keep them interacting with your company. For example, include social media buttons and encourage them to follow you. This means new driver leads AND new social followers and interaction!

The Analytics

Sure, there are different metrics you can gather on your homepage, but with a conversion-targeted landing page, you can really concentrate on what’s working and what’s not.

For example: if your landing page has a high bounce rate, then you know the page itself isn’t working effectively and you need to tweak some things in your design. Since a homepage has so many links and distractions, you’ll have a harder time finding out what you need to improve on it vs. on a landing page. Because LPs have one main focus, your web analytics easily reflect if there’s room for optimization.

With more conversions through focused landing pages, you can generate new driver leads. Qualified leads result in a higher number of filled driver positions, so take these tips to recruit drivers and reach your hiring goals!

Interested in driver recruitment advertising for your trucking company? The Hightower Agency would love to chat. Contact us today and let’s discuss ways to optimize your recruitment strategy. 



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