The Four A’s of Driver Recruitment Advertising

Truck driver recruiting offers many fantastic benefits and rewarding opportunities. Meeting recruitment goals can be a challenge as the transportation industry works against the driver shortage. But just like any other career, valuable materials and encouraging advice can help lead you to the road to success!

Our friends at published a great guide on the four A’s of recruitment advertising; for our purposes today, we’re taking a look at these in light of the specific needs to recruiting drivers.


To effectively track results and make the most out of your driver recruitment advertising strategy and budget, follow these best practices:

1. Assign

Before you jump into ad campaigns, assign someone on your company’s recruiting team to have the primary responsibility for tracking and measuring how effective your advertising efforts are. Be sure there’s someone responsible for recruiting operations and the day-to-day analysis of the company’s ad performance. This allows you to understand your hiring investments, and reveals opportunities to improve ROI. Vesting responsibility in one person will ensure the job gets done and that you don’t drop the ball while juggling your other duties.

2. Automate

It’s important to do your research when utilizing an automated applicant tracking system (ATS). This software is designed for recruitment tracking, managing candidate source data, and providing which sources are delivering candidates and hires. The system tremendously helps with the hiring process, so you want to implement what’s best for the company and job seekers. A mobile-friendly system that delivers straightforward, accurate data will make your life so much easier. It should be reliable and support automated candidate source tracking.

If you’re curious to learn more, ask your ad agency or career site provider for details. Psst: Your friends here at Hightower know all about ATSes. We’re happy to help!

3. Analyze

Once you have automated, reliable candidate source data in your ATS, it’s important to analyze it on a regular basis. Be sure to review these two metrics: cost-per-applicant (CPA) and cost-per-hire (CPH). To calculate, just divide your total media cost by the number of applicants — or number of hires. This allows you to measure your ROI, a must in the Four A’s of driver recruitment advertising!

In addition to your ATS, don’t forget to review metrics from other sites where you have a truck driver recruiting presence. Think about web analytics, social media, email, paid advertising…

4. Adjust

Don’t just measure your ROI – maximize it. Once you’ve analyzed the performance of your media sources, it’s time to adjust your recruitment advertising strategy and budget based on the data you’ve collected. For example, if your PPC ads are returning a low volume, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your team and the ad provider to find optimization opportunities. It’s possible new channels and approaches are the answer.

Your efforts would be incomplete without actually responding to the metrics made available to you, so be sure this is an ongoing process. Making adjustments to your strategy and budget will only enhance your driver recruiting!


  • Assign someone to handle tracking and measuring
  • Have a reliable automated applicant tracking system
  • Monitor campaigns and measure data 
  • Modify your strategy and budget where necessary

If you follow The Four A’s process, you’ll have accurate, quantitative data for evaluating ROI and optimizing your overall driver recruitment advertising.

Need help sorting out how best to do this and successfully recruit drivers? Get in touch with us at The Hightower Agency! Feel free to be social with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, too.


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