Recruiting Truck Drivers? 12 Types of Content to Include In Your Next Newsletter


Recruiting truck drivers can be difficult and competitive, but without qualified drivers your company cannot grow. You must have the tools you need to find drivers your company is looking for, and email marketing is an important tool to include in your recruiting strategy. 

But just thinking about creating email blasts and email marketing is only the first step — you need to decide what content you will put in your newsletters that will engage your readers (and recruit drivers!) 

Your content needs to be clear, easy to read and interesting. We’ve put together 12 types of content to include in your newsletters to recruit truck drivers:

1.  Success Stories – Everyone loves a good success story. Current drivers or companies can see more examples of what your company offers and what your company is capable of through success stories. For example, say your trucking company offers a driver referral program. If a current driver refers two new drivers, the current driver earns a $2,000 bonus. Include a photo of the driver with their check and short yet entergetic excerpt about your driver referral program. Your prospective drivers get a feel for that accomplishment and can envision themselves getting a $2,000 referral bonus in the future, too!

2.  FAQs – Do drivers regularly come to you with the same questions? Try creating an article to answer those common questions and give your best responses. The article is something you can send to future drivers and others in the trucking industry. If you don’t want to use the Q&A format, try creating an article or blog that answers commonly asked question in a list: X Things You Should Know About Y.

3.  A Column by a Trucking Industry Expert – Do you have a thought leader or even an opinionated manager in your office? Harvest their knowledge and give them their own column in your newsletter. In their space they can share opinions on best practices, teach new tactics and comment on trucking news.

4.  A Survey and Results – This type of content hits two birds with one stone. Ask readers to fill out your survey or questionnaire, then compile the data into an infographic, white paper, article, etc. When the content is done, use it in your next newsletter to showcase the results. Surveys can create content for two newsletters and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

5.  Personal Spotlight or Profile – Consider a spotlight to focus on a specific person or team in the company and what they do. Highlight an employee who does something unique for the company, have them answer questions, and tell what they enjoy about your company. You could even do a “birthday spotlight” to give your newsletter a fun twist. 

6.  Industry News – Did major events occur in the trucking industry this month that will affect drivers or the industry in general? Review news stories and what their effects will be on the trucking industry (positive news!) Show that you follow trends and can respond to them quickly as a company.

7.  Letter from the CEO – Has the company changed or grown dramatically over the past few months or year? Did the organization reach a milestone or goal that once seemed impossible? Even if your company’s only victory was surviving the quarter, let someone explain where the company has been and where it’s going. This type of article will add a personal touch to the organization and help you connect with readers.

8.  Seasonal Tips or Advice – Seasonal articles are perfect if you only have a quarterly or monthly newsletter. As a trucking company, you could write about winter driving tips and staying safe on the road during cold months. This real-time topic is relatable to your readers.

9.  Announce Upcoming Events – Do you have a webinar on the horizon? How about a job fair? You can either use your newsletter to announce events as they get close or announce the schedule for the quarter in one swoop. Be sure to link to a sign up form or where they can find more information.

10.  Checklists – The goal of your newsletter is to entice readers to click through to your website, apply online or call a recruiter. People respond well to numbers and know that they can quickly skim over articles to see if it’s worth their time to read. Try creating an “items to bring on the road” checklist or “healthy foods on the job” list.

11.  Resources – Consider adding a section for “best such and such here” in your newsletter. For example, have a section for “Best Truck Driver Apps” and link to the apps that readers will appreciate. With technology and smartphones growing faster than ever, this type of resources section is applicable to many.

12.  Equipment Reviews – Does your company provide your truck drivers with new fleets or trucks with satellite communications or other cool technologies? This is a good way to inform potential drivers not only about your equipment, but what they can expect and why they should drive for you.

We hope you now have some great content ideas for your next trucking newsletter! As one of the top recruitment agencies in the trucking industry, The Hightower Agency offers a wide variety of driver recruiting services, including the creation of newsletters and email blasts. Our driver recruitment consultants can get your company where it needs to be. 

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