Advertising for Trucking: Why You Need a Mix of Strategies

Recruiting qualified drivers is a challenge for many trucking companies. Unfortunately, industry experts and analysts theorize that the recruiting struggle isn’t going to turn around in 2015. This means that your recruitment advertising strategy and efforts to find drivers needs to be extensive and effective. To successfully fill those trucks, you can no longer stick to a single method of outreach.


As a trucking company looking for qualified prospects, a mix of driver recruitment advertising strategies is a must. Consider the fact that the average age of experienced drivers are in their 50’s. These drivers were most likely recruited through print media which continues to be a great source for finding experienced drivers. Now consider a different audience like the newer drivers; they tend to be younger and are more likely to be looking at social media and Internet searches. Let’s look into it.

Using print media in your advertising strategies will be one of your best sources for reaching the mature, experienced driver. Research shows ages 50 and up look at newspapers, brochures and magazines for jobs. While the experienced driver isn’t always looking towards print media, it’s safe to say many are (and you need to be there, too.) Print media helps you to develop brand recognition and relevance. Studies have shown that seeing information about a company in print media adds to company credibility. Print advertising has staying power. Printed materials are tangible, long-lasting and easily passed from one person to another. Additionally, people tend to spend more time reading print media than they do online media.


Your advertising strategies for reaching a younger audience or less experienced drivers should include the use of online media and social networking. Unlike the more experienced, younger drivers are accustomed to getting their information through blogs, social networking sites and surfing the web. They’re social media savvy and will be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Although readers of this type of advertising tend to spend only 15 to 30 seconds on individual pages of electronic media, this advertising can be extremely focused and specific to those you are trying to recruit. Using the Internet and social media as part of your recruitment advertising strategy is crucial for reaching the younger audience.

Every week, CDL training schools are graduating hundreds of new drivers. These new drivers come from all walks of life, every region of the United States and are of varying ages. Sticking with just one source of advertising to recruit drivers won’t be enough to meet your recruitment needs. Your audience is spread wide and it’s crucial to use many different marketing mechanisms to reach them.


Using a large mix of advertising platforms can seem like a monumental task and in order to get the most recruitment bang for your buck, you may want to consider the use of a recruitment advertising agency. Using an agency to help you diversify your advertising strategies will give you the added benefit of creative services and placement know-how in all forms of media from a source familiar with the unique characteristics of the trucking industry.

If you’re considering implementing a diverse and varied mix of advertising to reach qualified drivers, the Hightower Agency would be happy to discuss with you our wide variety of driver recruiting services. Our driver recruitment consultants can get your trucking company where it needs to be! Check out our offerings here.

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