How To Use Facebook as Lead Generation Tool


Did you know the average time spent on Facebook per user per day is 21 minutes? With 157 million active users in the U.S., that’s a lot of prospective drivers you could be reaching in 21 minutes.

Of all the social media outlets out there, this is the top network you’ll find prospective truck drivers. But with that many users–plus all of the other business pages–how can you recruit and hire drivers on Facebook? We’ve got the answers. 

To effectively target your audience and generate driver leads, we suggest Facebook for Business. This feature allows you to create ads to help you reach your hiring goals. Let’s take a look at the different forms of advertising so you can decide what’s best for your company.

News Feed Advertising

Have you ever seen those sponsored ads in your News Feed? To reach driver prospective drivers, your trucking should invest in targeting ads just like these.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Content-based
  • Prominent on desktop and mobile
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Encourages conversation and social activity
  • Drives website traffic and conversions


  • Feedback can be negative – requires close monitoring of comments

Right-Hand Column Advertising

Right-hand column Facebook advertising to recruit drivers is a great way to get started with the tool. You’re able to send out your recruiting message in a more simplified format.


  • Not subject to negative comments; no major monitoring required
  • Simple (if you’re comfy with pay-per-click style, this is for you)
  • Can link to your landing page to drive conversions


  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Isn’t as prominent as the News Feed

Choose “Increase Conversions” Ad Type

There are many available ad objectives, but let’s focus on using it as a lead generation tool (yes, it’s good to boost your likes, but your main goal is grow driver leads for more hires, right?)

You want potential drivers to take action on your website, so implementing the “increase conversions on your website” ad objective is a solid choice.

1. Have your landing page or website URL where applicants will go

2. Choose the objective your campaign – “increase conversions on your website”

3. Create a conversion-tracking pixel. This is a small piece of code that lets you keep track of conversions, such as filling out an app on your landing page. (no worries- they will give you the code.) The type of conversion you want to measure are leads.

Once you’ve placed the pixel on your site and created your ad, you’ll be able to actually see how many prospective drivers completed an app from your campaign and measure your results. Amazing!

Target Your Audience

So you put a lot of time and effort into this neat stuff, but how do you reach the right audience at the right time? With their tool you can set highly targeted parameters to recruit truck drivers. These parameters include:

  • Demographics – location, age, gender
  • Interests – example: trucking
  • Behaviors – example: mobile device users
  • Connections – example: only reach people not connected to your Page (which isn’t a bad idea if you’re trying to reach a new audience)

You can even get more advanced like targeting people by their email, but we won’t overload you right now! However, we do want to quickly mention the below method of targeting that’s extremely powerful…

Remarket to Your Site Visitors

With everything we just talked about, you’re able to remarket to your website visitors, as well. So say a driver candidate sees your conversion ad, visits your landing page, but doesn’t fill out an app. You can literally target them later and serve a new ad to them. This is fantastic for reminding potential drivers to come see you again.

That was a lot of info, so if you have questions or want to know more about using Facebook as a lead generation tool to recruit drivers, contact the Hightower Agency here! We’re the Leader in Recruitment Advertising and are happy to discuss your recruiting goals.

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