6 Clever Ways to Grow Your Email List


The driver recruitment business can be a challenging affair. Truck drivers are in high demand, and they know it. Because they’re being targeted across multiple media outlets by trucking companies, the competition for hiring drivers is fierce. If you want to stay on top, you’ll have to find new and clever ways to contact and stay in touch with potential recruits.

One of the best ways to do this is to focus on email. Email campaigns allow you to communicate efficiently and economically with prospective drivers. You’re able to quickly provide relevant content with a branded, personal touch. Still, it’s hard to keep email lists going strong. But it is possible!

So today we’re focusing on: 1) ways to improve your emails 2) tips to grow your email list

First, understand that your email lists will shrink over time if you’re not doing anything to grow them. Every year or so your contact database will likely degrade by a little less than 25%. There are several reasons: people change jobs, email providers, or they simply think your message is boring.


If you want to keep your lists growing and reduce the amount of unsubscribes, try these methods to have better email campaigns and grow your driver database:

1. Have valuable and relevant email content.

Are you interested in reading about yesterday’s weather forecast? Do you listen to the same song on your way to work every morning? We didn’t think so. Your content needs to stays fresh, valuable, and interesting. Otherwise, you’ll see your email subscribers disappear quickly.

Create compelling email subject lines so they will open it, then inside offer information they need and want (photos, videos, blogs, helpful tips, company updates that affect them…)

2. Encourage your subscribers to share with their friends.

Your content is shareable if it’s valuable. As we just stressed, publish engaging content. Then, remind your subscribers to share content their friends are most likely interested in (whether it’s forwarding the email or including social media sharing buttons). This allows your company to immediately reach a broader audience without lifting a finger. If you make it worth reading, people will do it!

3. Conduct an online contest.

You don’t have to give away a huge prize, but a free and simple contest is a surefire way to recruit truck drivers and generate leads for your email campaigns. Brainstorm cost-effective items for the company, and everyday items for drivers: try a comfy fleece jacket or a stainless steel coffee mug. 

Be sure to make it easy for participants. Create a landing page with a short form and a simple “click-to-win” button. Social media contests are a great option, too. Everyone likes something free!

4. Advertise on social media.

While we’re on the subject, leverage your social media networks to grow your email list and recruit drivers. For example, create a targeted Facebook ad campaign that sends traffic to your landing page. This ad will pop up in your selected audience’s News Feed, drive them to your site, and voilà! You’re adding qualified driver leads to your database.

5. Add call-to-actions.

On your website, you already have an application form. But remember, you need clever ways to grow your email list! Incorporate other types of call-to-actions (CTAs) to generate truck driver leads that can be used in your email campaigns. For example, offer a free download or registration for an event. This prompts readers to submit their contact info in exchange for viewing your material.

6. Include CTAs on YouTube.

Audio is better than text, and video is even better than that! When you upload videos to your YouTube channel, include a link to your landing page (or any URL where you’re generating leads) on the YouTube video description. Promote your video on email and social media to gain more views. Now, viewers will be prompted by the call-to-action and your interactive content is working double for you!

You shouldn’t only stick with apps in order to generate truck driver leads. With this day in age you must get creative and integrate more clever methods! Try these techniques and test your efforts to see your email lists grow.  


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