How to Generate Truck Driver Leads With Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret the use of mobile devices is soaring. More and more people are using phones and tablets to accomplish a task, including searching for driver jobs. To keep up with this new trend, successful mobile marketing now means creating a seamless, optimized experience on mobile devices. It’s pretty imperative to your trucking company because think about it… who’s more mobile than drivers?


Mobile marketing is as simple as optimizing your mobile strategies. To do so successfully, you should be thinking about responsive design and lead generation. When you have a responsive design, your website will appear properly formatted and designed across any device. Then you can learn how to generate driver leads through various tactics that will be similar to what you have done in other areas of your recruitment advertising.

We’ve put together a couple of tips to help you generate truck driver leads with mobile marketing:

First, You Need a Responsive Design

Responsive design is a web design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop computers. To put it simply, responsive design takes a website and automatically repackages the content to fit the device viewing it. This ensures that the viewer (your driver prospects) are getting the same information no matter what device they’re using. 

A responsive website allows visitors to have a better experience through every touchpoint to your site, something more vital than you may realize. If driver candidates land on your recruitment website and the content is small, disorganized, and makes it difficult for them to navigate the page, they’ll bounce.

Pinching your fingers together, moving the browser to the left and right, etc. will not be in your favor when it comes to recruiting drivers. As Miss Sweet Brown put it, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” For better usability and higher conversions, make your web pages responsive.


3 Tips To Generate Truck Driver Leads

Even in a short amount of time, you can generate driver leads into hires if you play your cards right.

  • Frontload Your Content

Keep in mind that the clock is ticking in the mobile environment. Think about when you’ve used your phone to read a news story. It’s likely you were on the run and looking to kill some time for a minute or two. You may have scanned the article, but likely didn’t read each story. This is a good example of why you should frontload your content.

Put the bulk of your important information at the top of your site or landing pages. If you want to show the benefits you offer, address these specifics immediately. If you’d like potential drivers to get in touch, put a place for contact info at the top. Highlight the most important parts of your message, and make it easy to digest. Bold your headlines. Time and space are of the essence!


  • Create CTAs

You can also keep a hold of your mobile readers by creating simple call-to-actions (CTAs). They’re a great way to encourage your mobile audience to get involved. A more popular type is “Apply Now” to a short app, but there are other creative ways.

Of course, since they will be displayed on a smaller screen, you want to make sure they’re simple. Don’t add too many colors that can confuse the eye. Use a clean font and keep your words brief. An effective CTA will be clear, short, to the point, yet enticing enough to require action from driver prospects. This type of direct response advertising is a must to better lead generation.


  • Use Progressive Profiling Forms

We all know how monotonous it can be to fill out a form at the doctor’s office or DMV. Well, filling out forms on a mobile device are far worse. Yes, the fields are small or you end up clicking the wrong line, but what’s more is the reluctance to filling in your name and email, AGAIN (add a long form to it and bye bye!) But you definitely don’t want to get rid of them — forms are the core of generating truck driver leads.

With progressive profiling, it allows you to display new form fields to driver prospects based on the data points you have previously collected on them. By using conditional fields, you can show a small number of fields on one form, maintaining a high conversion rate while still capturing information.

Your qualified leads are the ones likely to revisit your site, so consider employing progressive profiling to collect more data over a series of multiple form submissions. It’s better for all around.

Analyze and Repeat

Once you’ve streamlined your mobile strategy, check out the analytics to see what worked (or didn’t work). Calculate how many new leads you received in your mobile campaigns. What’s the most visited page? Did your CTA flop? Analyze the results of your mobile driver recruiting tactics in order to make intelligent decisions in future campaigns.


As you recruit truck drivers, consider some of these mobile marketing tips! Remember, the country is increasingly living online, and drivers aren’t any different. If you’re serious about recruiting truck drivers, you should be serious about mobile marketing.

Want more tips on driver recruitment strategies? The Hightower Agency has 25 years of recruitment advertising experience! We’re one of the top recruitment advertising agencies in the transportation industry, and offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs. Give us a shout and let’s talk!



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