Top Driver Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking


With all of the moving parts involved in truck driver recruiting, it can be a little overwhelming come time to sit down and review your tracking and ad campaign metrics. From web traffic to phone calls to conversions… there are a lot of numbers to analyze. But which metrics are the most important for driver recruiters? How can you save time and money and focus on the analytics that matter to your goals and budget? Let’s talk about it!

As you build your recruiting campaigns and place your ads, the end goal is always the same: to make a driver hire. But to get there you need to consistently track the right metrics, take that valuable information, and use it to make intelligent decisions in your recruitment advertising plans.

Let’s take a look at the top driver recruiting metrics you should be tracking:


Say you have a landing page with a short form to contact a recruiter and you’re running a paid campaign that drives traffic to that page. During and after the campaign, focus on your conversion rates and cost per conversion (if available, you may want to take a glance at your bounce rate.)

If your conversion rates are low and the cost per conversion is high, that means you have some work to do. In this case, your landing page probably needs improving. Maybe it’s too complicated, the call-to-action isn’t clear, or it isn’t mobile-friendly. These are issues you want to fix, and making even small improvements can have a big impact on your conversion rates and lowering your cost per conversion. Run A/B tests to figure out what’s getting you results. Continue to track the performance and make improvements, and you’ll be rewarded!

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Generating applications is a major step in getting closer to hiring qualified drivers. Whether you’re using one or two channels to generate apps or implementing a campaign that includes SEM, trucking job boards, print ads, and social media, it’s important to have a close watch on how many applications you’re getting and what you’re paying for them. To figure this out, take the amount of money you spent during a period of time – for example: one month – then divide that number by how many apps you received that month. 

If you’re running a cross-channel driver recruiting campaign, dig even deeper to see which platforms are giving you the highest number of applications. If print advertising isn’t performing well and pay-per-click is, consider allocating more of next month’s budget to PPC campaigns.


This one’s a biggie in truck driver recruitment. Knowing and understanding your cost per hire is an extremely important metric–if not the most. To figure out this number, use the same steps we covered above (take the amount you spent during a period of time and divide that by the number of drivers you hired.)

But just being aware of your cost per hire isn’t enough. Which channels are best targeting your audience and giving you the most qualified driver hires? Which ones aren’t? By consistently reviewing these metrics, you can decide where to allocate your ad budget in an effort to lower your cost per hire while improving your overall driver recruitment campaigns.


  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per application
  • Cost per hire

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