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Retargeting on Facebook to Recruit Truck Drivers


Prospective drivers spend a lot of time on Facebook so having a strong Facebook presence is great, but what’s even better is having a presence that puts your brand in front of those prospective drivers AGAIN. This is possible with retargeting on Facebook.

If you’re recruiting truck drivers, consider retargeting on Facebook — it allows you reach to drivers and potential drivers with targeted Facebook ads after they have previously been exposed to your brand and shown interest. Let’s talk about it.


Remarketing Drivers within the Google Display Network




Remarketing: what is it and how can it help recruit drivers for your trucking company?

Remarketing is the process of reinforcing marketing impressions on those who visit and leave your company’s website. It allows you to keep communicating with visitors — more specifically, potential drivers — who would have otherwise been lost to the endless depths of the Internet. It allows you to post targeted ads that remind users why they should return to your website after they’ve left. Intriguing, isn’t it?