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Remarketing: what is it and how can it help recruit drivers for your trucking company?

Remarketing is the process of reinforcing marketing impressions on those who visit and leave your company’s website. It allows you to keep communicating with visitors — more specifically, potential drivers — who would have otherwise been lost to the endless depths of the Internet. It allows you to post targeted ads that remind users why they should return to your website after they’ve left. Intriguing, isn’t it?

How it works

Let’s give an example of remarketing. Say you’re interested in organic foods and you land upon a website “ABC organic foods.” You leave the website without taking any action. Later on you are browsing the Internet on a different website. You see an ad on that site from “ABC organic foods.” Your mind is immediately triggered – you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve seen this before. I want to check it out again.” You click the ad, you’re directed to the ABC organic foods site, and you take action whether it’s filling out a form or even making a purchase. That’s remarketing; you can do the same to reach prospective drivers.

Remarketing drivers has been proven to tremendously increase click-through rates and overall lead generation. This form of recruitment advertising should undoubtedly be a key element in your trucking company’s recruitment efforts.

Like all marketing tools, however, you must approach a remarketing strategy in a specific way to optimize the benefits. One of the most powerful remarketing tools in existence is the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network offers a myriad of unique benefits that can immensely increase your opportunity to recruit qualified drivers.

Benefits of remarketing drivers through Google

The Google Display Network is powered by Google’s unlimited reach. As the largest search engine — and website — in the world, Google accounts for over a quarter of all traffic on the web. The use of any resource that is directly connected to this search engine gives you unparalleled access to billions of unique users. As a product of Google itself, the Google Display Network is designed to work seamlessly with and supplement all of your other resources, including Google AdWords and the Google search engine itself.

Individual targeting

One of the biggest qualms that trucking companies have with remarketing via the Google Display Network is that they question whether or not they’re targeting the right people. The Google Display Network includes a trove of tools that allow you to specifically remarket to those who are most likely to be interested in driving for your trucking company. By doing this, the Display Network cuts out a great deal of excess and maximizes the value of each one of your marketing dollars.

There is not limit to how detailed you can make your targeting. You can specify age, gender, location, search terms, and other details that will allow you to focus your remarketing efforts on those who are most likely interested in driving for your trucking company.

google-adwords-remarketing-2Google makes it easy to create ads with their Display Network creation tools

As a expert in the trucking industry, you may be unsure on how to go about creating remarketing ads that will perfectly appeal to your target audience. Google erases this problem with their Display Network. With the ad creation and formatting tool set, you won’t have to worry whether or not your remarketing ads are captivating your target audience. Google offers a simple creation tool set and industry/theme-based ad templates. They also provide professionally created images that will appeal perfectly to your target market, if you need them. All of these ads are designed to be a direct line to your business, and the Google Display Network creation tool set allows you to determine just how users connect to you. For example, you could establish a simple link to your main website, or you could provide interactive options that give users multiple choices.

Google also gives you a variety of choices for your remarketing ads. You can draw potential drivers in with a concise headline, catch their eye with a fitting image, state your case with a perfect video, or allow them to control the interaction with your remarketing ad through their interactive rich media ads. Each Google Display Network advertisement category comes with its own unique tool set for building that perfect ad. Once you have created your ad, Google gives you power over its placement location on a web page.

Control the cost of your remarketing efforts

Similar to AdWords, the Google Display Network allows you to to have complete control over your remarketing investment. You can choose a variety of payment models, including, the classic pay-per-click, pay-per-display, or a pay-per-acquisition (closed deal) model. Each of these options has unique benefits that further enhances your remarketing capabilities with the Google Display Network. Also, you control just how much you pay in total, so you never have to worry about unwittingly going over budget.

Remarketing drivers within the Google Display Network will go a long way towards helping you recruit new, qualified drivers. Have questions? Contact the Hightower Agency!

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