Website Development for Trucking Companies

Giving your website a face-lift can have a major impact on recruiting drivers. Updating content frequently can actually attract higher quality drivers and increase your visibility on the web. If your site is stuck in the 90’s then you might want to press the refresh button!

When you look at your website does it correctly portray your brand, service offerings, and available driver opportunities? Is it mobile compatible? Is it easy for a driver to navigate and apply? If it looks stale to you what is it saying to a potential driver? You may need to consider a website face-lift. 


Here are nine things to consider:

1. Is your websites responsive and fluid where the content automatically adapts to smaller screens like iPad and iPhone?
This should not be an afterthought. It is a requirement if you are serious about hiring drivers on the internet.
2. Are you interacting with social media?
If drivers are there, and they are, engage by posting new content on a weekly basis and share with social networks.
3. Is your website the hub of your business?
The reason for a redesign is not just because it may have become stale. Focus on the results you want – more visitors, leads and hires. Every decision you make should involve accomplishing these goals. Is your site “driver friendly”?
4. Perform a website competitive analysis.
How does your traffic compare to that of your competitors? Identify what is working (great content, keywords you rank for, inbound links to individual pages, conversion tools). Identify what is not working and toss it.
5. Is your content current and accurate?
There are over a billion pages on the Web. Focus more on content rather than design. Is it current? Are all the officer’s names and contact information correct? Are your products and service offerings current? Can drivers easily navigate and find current job openings, perhaps with a live job feed. Do you have an ongoing content building strategy? Hint: blogging.
6. Does your site include a blog, RSS, landing page?
A blog is a great way to create content on an ongoing basis, and to start conversing with existing drivers and prospects. RSS allows content from your site to be pushed out to other sites and drivers. Landing pages should be dynamic, accurately reflecting your offer.
7. Is your website optimized to rank well in the search engines?
Are you naturally positioned well in Google and other search engines? What percentage of your traffic is organic vs. paid?
8. Do you have metrics in place to track visitors and leads?
Your website is a business asset and should deliver positive ROI! Every piece of content you create or campaign you run should be developed to drive traffic to your website and landing pages, giving you the chance to convert leads into customers and drivers. Start looking at insights from your web analytics platform, such as Google’s free Google Analytics.
9. Are your graphics appealing and up-to-date?
How often have you heard “ A picture is worth a thousand words”? Think about how your brand is perceived by truck drivers. If you are showing outdated photos of equipment you might need a redo. And please do not have videos of drivers who are no longer employed.
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