Using Blogs to Recruit Truck Drivers

Wondering if setting up a trucking company blog will bring new driver leads to your company? If you aren’t blogging, you’re probably missing a lot of drivers.

Consider this:

  1. 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. (Source:HubSpot)
  2. B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. (Source: InsideView)
  3. Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. (Source: Hubspot)
  4. By 2013, it is projected that 128 million people in the US will be blog readers. (Source: MyMarketingDept.)
  5. Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 30%. (Source: TrafficGenerationCafe)
  6. Among those who use e-mail marketing, companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email than those who don’t. (Source: HubSpot)
  7. 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable type of content marketing. (Source: Content Plus)
  8. 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. (Source: Content Plus)
  9. 78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing. (Source: Hanley-Wood Business Media)
  10. 68% of consumers are likely to spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in. (Source: The CMA)


Drivers do read trucking blogs

The key is content and lots of it. It has to be written on topics that are of interest to them, not just job offerings. On average, companies that publish 15 or more blog articles per month generate five times more web traffic than companies that don’t blog at all. Your goal should be to write and post one to two blog posts a week and encourage drivers to subscribe to the blog or RSS feed.

Tips for reaching truck drivers

  1. A driver will subscribe to a blog if he is generally interested in the content or the company itself. Be sure to store each reader’s contact information in a database and use it for future email marketing. You should consider sending a follow-up email to each “interested” driver. Afterward you will generally see improvement in their open and conversion rates.
  2. Be sure to promote your company blog on all social media sites to extend views and reach.
  3. By including a “comment section” yourrecruiters can open up a line of communication with those who voice their opinions on the blog content.

Blogs improve search engine rankings

Trucking company blogs help your company get found when drivers search for a trucking jobs. Remember, each blog post is a page on your website. The more pages you have on your site that are keyword-embedded, the higher you rank in organic search listings.

Do keyword research before you post on your blog. Write content with the most searched trucking terms in mind. When a driver prospect enters a word or phrase in a search engine, you want your blog link to appear in the organic search listings. When the driver clicks on that link he will be taken to a blog page that resides on your website.

Design your page using a template which promotes the blog and contains call-to-action buttons for every page: Apply now, Contact us, Sign up for our company newsletter, or Sign up for our job alerts. Be sure to also include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. within your template. You want to make it easy for drivers to share your company’s blog posts with their own social media network and extend your reach beyond just your followers.

Blog content never expires
A blog is a long-term marketing asset that will bring traffic and driver leads to your site for months or even years to come, because a blog will continue to drive traffic to your site even after publishing. Each new post builds on existing blog posts to drive more traffic to your site.

These are just a few tips on how to use blogs as one of your primary lead sources. If you’d like to get the full details on blogging, download our free Hightower Agency Blogging e-book:


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