Why You Need Landing Pages to Convert Driver Leads



Do you want to improve your lead generation efforts? Would you like a full pipeline of qualified driver leads? Sure you would! There’s an effective way to do it, but the problem is many companies spend most of their time and effort that drive massive amounts of traffic to their sites through PPC ads, social media and email marketing. This is great, but it’s not the best way to push prospective drivers through the conversion process. If you’re wanting more leads and you’re sending traffic to your company homepage, you’ve already failed.

With so much investment in traffic, many forget the second part of lead generation – conversions. That’s where landing pages come in. They help convert more traffic into qualified driver leads; this is crucial in your driver recruitment strategy.

If you’re wondering what a landing page is, what it entails, what it means to convert visitors to leads, and why all of this is important, we’ll help you out!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any page on the web on which a visitor might land that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form. Keep reading to find out more!

Why are landing pages important?


Improve Lead Generation Efforts

Sending traffic to your homepage through PPC ads and email campaigns isn’t wrong, but your overall driver recruitment plan should have a conversion goal. It is key to focus on conversion and the best way to do this is with landing pages. The simple fact is this: landing pages focus on one thing and that’s converting visitors into leads. Landing pages feature a free offer that entice visitors to exchange their contact information (name, email, etc…) for that offer. Whether you’re asking for contact details in exchange for a free eBook, demo download, or other type of call-to-actions (CTA), a targeted landing page is going to convert visitors more.

Not only do landing pages have forms on them and exist purely to capture a visitor’s information via that form, they don’t have distractions. They feature explanatory copy and a form so they are completely optimized to capture a visitor’s information; clean and simple. In addition, you can update or create new landing pages with new CTAS to promote fresh content.

Below is example of what a landing page looks like. Notice how there’s only a title, a few bullet points, image and a form:


Better Metrics

Sure, there are different metrics you can gather on your homepage, but with a conversion-targeted landing page, you can really concentrate on what’s working and what’s not.

For instance: if you have a high bounce rate on a landing page, then you know the landing page itself isn’t working effectively and you need to tweak some things in your copy or landing page design. Since a homepage has so many links and distractions, you have a harder time to find out where you need to improve there, vs. on a landing page. Since landing pages have one main focus, the web metrics easily reflect if there’s room for improvement.

Continued Marketing

Once your visitor has filled out the form and received the offer, you have officially moved your visitor through the conversion process and they are a lead. Two thumbs up! Now you can continue to build and grow a relationship with your driver lead through other forms of marketing such as email marketing campaigns. You can continue to advertise your trucking company and put your brand in front of them. Even if they’re not ready to drive for you yet, you’re continuously marketing to them and sending a reminder why they should. When the time comes to make the move, they’ll think of you. You can even encourage them to forward and share your content to their friends which results in more exposure to a broader audience, all from a simple landing page!

With more conversions through focused pages, you can generate new, qualified driver leads. Since leads = a higher number of filled driver positions, it’s important to include landing pages in your recruitment plan. You can bet landing pages convert more visitors into leads than your homepage. Try it out and compare conversion numbers from your homepage vs. landing page.


Want to know more about landing pages to convert driver leads? Contact the Hightower Agency here and we’d be happy to help. Our driver recruitment consultants can get your trucking company where it needs to be. Some of our truck driver recruitment services include: creating landing pages, developing responsive websites, public relations for the trucking industry, radio advertising to recruit drivers, remarketing to recruit drivers, social media to recruit truck drivers, blogging, email marketing to recruit drivers, Google AdWords to recruit drivers, creation of mobile sites, ad campaigns, publication ads, brochures, Internet placement, newspaper placement, ad copy, website redesign and more.


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