What You Should Be Tracking In Your Driver Recruitment Plan (and Why)


Driver recruitment advertising is about creating compelling, effective campaigns in an effort to hire the most qualified truck drivers and reach your hiring goals, right? Yes, but it’s also about tracking the right metrics and figuring out what exactly is (or isn’t) working, so you can enhance your strategy. When you have this knowledge at your fingertips, you can continue to improve your recruitment plan.

First, let’s take a look at some familiar media sources and platforms available to help you recruit drivers:

  • Landing pages and call-to-actions
  • Job boards and job aggregators
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • PURL campaigns
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads
  • Direct mail/postcards
  • Print publications
  • Flyers

ALL of these can and should be tracked by either phone, web and/or QR codes. If you’re spending money on it, you should track it. By placing specific 800 numbers, trackable URLs and QR codes on all channels, you’re able to measure traffic and use that valuable information in your planning and execution.

Not only do we suggest attaching tracking tools on each and every platform where you’re spending ad dollars, but it’s highly insightful to know what you should be looking for once you have that data.

If you’re recruiting drivers, you should track these important metrics:

Conversion rates – Tracking conversion rates is key because it allows you to gauge your campaign’s performance. Let’s talk about it.

The initial phases of the driver funnel are attracting and converting prospects. Since landing pages are a common place to make this happen, we’ll use it for the example. Say after tracking conversions, you determine conversion rates are low — this indicates you should make necessary adjustments to increase those numbers.

Consider: Are your landing pages easy to navigate, graphically appealing, and showcasing clear call-to-actions? The overall design, form, layout, headline, copy, and CTAs can have a serious impact on conversions, so you want to track those numbers and make positive changes with the goal of increasing conversion rates.

Cost per application – By glancing at the list of advertising techniques above, or if you’re currently running a strategic recruitment plan, you’re aware implementing a cross channel campaign is a must. Your ad dollars may be spilling into a targeted PPC campaign, job board postings, a Facebook ad campaign, and newspaper ads. You should track submitted applications across these channels, then calculate how much it costs you to get each app. To do this, take the amount of money you spent during the campaign, and then divide that number by the applications you got.

By finding out how many apps were generated per channel and the costs to get those apps, you’ll have a refined cost per application. This can help guide you on how well components within your recruitment campaign are performing. 

Cost per hire – Ah, the ultimate goal… A driver hire. Cost per hire is definitely the most crucial metric to track. Figuring out your cost per hire is fairly simple. Take the amount you spent during the period of time you’re measuring, and divide that amount by the number of drivers you hired. That’s your cost per hire (CPH).

As we’ve mentioned, tracking certain metrics gives you a better idea to what’s happening behind the scenes so you can make improvements to your strategy. We suggest quality over quantity, so break down your CPH per channel and determine where your most qualified applications are coming from. This makes your recruiting more efficient.

A newspaper ad that generates a lot of phone calls but few hires might be cheaper in the short term but have a high cost per hire. On the other hand, a Facebook ad campaign that gets you a lot of hires may be more expensive in the short term but have a low cost per hire. Testing various methods to create a more targeted audience for your advertising can deliver more qualified driver applicants, resulting in a lower cost per hire. This is the best of all possible worlds!

Check out these tips on how to lower your CPH:


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