The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Google AdWords to Recruit Drivers




Technology has revolutionized the way that businesses do everything, including how they market themselves and how they attract new customers. Trucking companies are no exception to this rule. Google AdWords, for instance, is an excellent tool for your trucking company to market itself and attract new drivers.

Google Adwords is not just a simple pay per click (PPC) program. It gives you a variety of options that allow you to leverage the power of the largest search engine in the world. One of the best ways to use this resource is to recruit new drivers. Here is how you can use it to that end:

What is Google AdWords?

Before you start to use any tool, you should first know exactly what it is. In short, Google’s AdWords system is a PPC marketing tool (an Internet resource that only charges you when their advertisements result in unique visitors to your website via the link provided) that allows you to fully customize your marketing plan, from budget, to target audience, to keywords.

With Google AdWords, you can set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay, as well as how much you are willing to pay per click. This way, your pay per click advertising endeavors will never go beyond your intended budget.

What makes Google AdWords truly unique is that it gives you access to your target market before they ever visit another website. Google AdWords advertisements are prioritized and highlighted above other search engine results so that your trucking company is the center of attention. Potential drivers will see YOU first!

The Google AdWords program is a keyword-based tool, so it is critical that the right keywords be chosen for optimal results. Consulting a search engine optimization expert is often the best way to ensure that this happens. 

How can Google AdWords help you to recruit truck drivers?

Recruiting new truck drivers is tough; countless other trucking companies are fighting to recruit the same limited pool of qualified drivers. Like the majority of the human population, truck drivers use Google to find things out, including what the top trucking companies are, what companies fit their needs, and what positions are available. Unfortunately, the Internet is an even more strenuously competitive arena because you will not only be competing with other trucking companies for attention, but also with entities that may have nothing to do with the trucking industry. Google is an enormous ocean full of information, and you must take action to get visitors to come across your site; Google AdWords is a powerful way to do so.

How do you maximize the benefits of Google AdWords for recruiting drivers?

The most important aspect about maximizing the benefits of Google Adwords is optimizing your use of keywords. As an extreme example, if your AdWord keyword focus is about kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, you are more likely to waste your money on clicks by those who are interested in finding a contractor to replace some of their kitchen fixtures. So what’s our point? You must incorporate the correct keyword terms to fully maximize your Google PPC campaign to reach your target audience.

Over the past decade, the complexity of the Internet has transformed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from a negligible portion of the online advertising process into a unique entity all unto itself. It is 2014 and your drivers are on Google. The best and most efficient way to ensure that your PPC campaign and keywords are best optimized for Internet searches is to consult an expert.

Using the Google AdWords tool is a must for recruiting new drivers.

Google Adwords is an excellent resource for you to recruit truck drivers, but only if you use it — and use it right. By using Google Adwords to guide drivers to your trucking company’s recruitment site, social media networks and blog site, you will make sure that your voice is heard above the background noise flooding the Internet, and that you can both position yourself as an industry leader and develop a relationship with potential drivers. Investing in this particular advertising model to recruit drivers is worth it!

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