Recruit Truck Drivers Through Print Advertising


There is a great deal of competition in the pursuit of recruiting qualified truck drivers. Many companies have begun using trucking blogs and social media sites to help motivate prospective drivers to consider driving for their company. Trucking companies must consider a variety of ways to reach the maximum number of potential recruits. While it is important to continue using the electronic medium to reach your audience, it is equally important to consider the use of print advertising.

Print advertising continues to be an effective way to reach potential drivers. There are several reasons to bring in print advertising into your recruitment strategy.

One of the most obvious benefits of print advertising is that it is tangible. Having something in hand that people can review more than once is extremely valuable. You are not relying on the reader having to write something down or remember a website. Drivers can bring it with them and that brochure, flyer or ad could even get into the hands of their family, friends or colleagues which results in even more exposure for your trucking company. With print media, the information can be shared by several readers over a period of time. Print advertising enjoys a long life span!

Print advertising also gives your company immediate validity. Seeing something in print seems to add to the credibility of your content; people like the idea of seeing something in writing and they tend to trust it more than online media. According to a recent Nielsen survey, newspaper ads are still the most trusted form of paid media in North America. More than half of respondents say they trust traditional advertising platforms such as newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and billboard. However, all new media platforms (search, online video, social media, mobile display and online banners) received a less than 50% trust rating.


Whether it’s a newspaper advertisement or a brochure, there is a higher degree of reader retention of the information. Readers of printed material often focus more on the information that they are reading than they would if they were reading the same information on a blog or website. Studies show that most people skim through digital information and spend about fifteen seconds on a web page. This is not the case when they are reading printed information where the reader usually spends at least twice that long looking at the information and often refers to the information again later.

An added benefit of print advertising is that you can target your recruiting message based on the placement of the ad. You can focus your recruitment efforts to specific demographics when you are utilizing print advertising. This allows you to concentrate on particular regions or specific areas where you have a need to fill positions.

Print advertising helps with building and maintaining brand identification. It’s an effective mechanism to recruit truck drivers for your company. When you are determining what needs to happen to fill your driver vacancies, consider a free consultation with the Hightower Agency.

We help trucking companies increase their outreach to potential drivers using numerous advertising methods, including the use of print advertising. Remember the combination of print, online and digital advertising is a sure fire way to reach a large number of drivers. 

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