Quick Tips About Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to Recruit Drivers

When it comes to your company website showing up at the top of search engine results, the competition is tough. Not only are you competing with other trucking companies for attention, but also with entities that may not even relate to the industry. The Internet an enormous ocean full of information, and you must take action to get visitors to come across your site.

If you’re in the trucking industry, you understand that the pool of qualified truck drivers is not always easy to reach. To attract the best applicants within your target audience, your digital recruitment campaigns must be effective and leave a lasting impression. One particular area of digital media that’s often hard to understand if you’re not an Internet guru is pay-per-click (PPC). This recruitment mechanism is a fantastic option for finding qualified truck drivers.

How Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Help Recruit Drivers

Pay-per-click is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to your website or landing page. Typically, PPC advertisements appear at the top or right hand side of search engine results. When driver candidates click your ad, they’re taken directly to your site or landing page. You only pay for the clicks your ad receives. The great thing, too is that you can target your campaigns to a specific market, in this case, prospective drivers. When the process is implemented properly, PPC campaigns to recruit truck drivers can be one of the most cost-effective methods available.

Cool Pay-Per-Click Features

Various PPC platforms allow you to fully customize your marketing plan, from budget, to target audience, to keywords. There are several areas of pay-per-click campaigns that make this recruiting tactic successful, including:

  • Budgeting – It’s nice naming your own price — that’s possible with PPC. You can decide how much you want to spend, and its duration. When planning out a budget and timeline, factor in annual events, campaigns, and other considerations of the company to maximize your PPC ads.
  • Keywords – The more accurately you target driver prospects, the more likely it is you will get qualified candidates to click your advertisement. This particular recruitment strategy is a keyword-based tool, so it’s critical that the right keywords be chosen for optimal results. The most efficient way to ensure that your keywords are best optimized for SEO is to consult an expert.
  • Geotargeting – If you’re trying to target drivers in specific areas, you can use geotargeting to narrow the geographical scope of your campaign–whether it be certain cities, regions or a specific IP block or address. You’re able to further filter your reach by choosing either your prospects’ physical location or their location of interest (areas they’re searching for).

A Few Pay-Per-Click Tips & Tricks

When using pay-per-click to recruit truck drivers, always remember your goals. If you ultimately want to attract potential drivers and push them through the conversion process, be sure you have a strategy in place. Be creative, too. You must not only show up high in search engine results, but stand out above the rest. Design powerful landing pages and creative copy so your company makes an impression. For example, use copy that reveals what makes your trucking company unique. Do you have spectacular sign on bonuses? Do you offer more home time? If you have jobs available where a driver can be home on weekends, your copy could say “Tired of missing your son’s soccer games?” with a call-to-action to click the ad. This speaks to truck drivers and compels them to take action.

With a compelling website or landing page, the right keywords, geotargeting, and other features in PPC to recruit drivers, you can better reach your target market and send them through the conversion funnel. Pay-per-click campaigns to recruit truck drivers has become one of the best and least expensive methods to hire qualified drivers. Give it a try, and don’t forget to analyze the provided metrics and data.

Need help with creating pay-per-click campaigns? Contact The Hightower Agency and let’s discuss your driver recruiting needs.

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