How to Use Social Media to Recruit Truck Drivers

Over the last decade or so, social media has exploded in popularity as a way for people to keep track of friends and family, follow news, and generally connect with the world at large. As social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have become an ingrained part of daily life, a unique opportunity for marketing has arisen. Let’s talk about how to recruit drivers through social media.

As an advertising agency in the trucking industry, we understand how crucial social media is when it comes to generating leads, building relationships with customers, and recruiting qualified drivers. Traditional marketing methods have now faded into the background, as the digital age roars toward its full potential.

How does social media affect lead generation in the trucking industry?

People now use social networks for almost everything in life. This includes searching for jobs and companies with which to do business. Even in business-to-business settings, social media has become a cornerstone for the establishment of lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. It’s like a phone book, catalog, search engine, and networking event, all in one.

Beyond the simple concept of having your business found in the place where people are looking for it, social media presents other unique opportunities for lead generation. For one, you can say goodbye to cold-calling. Social media presents an opportunity not just to target qualified leads, but to cultivate them in an effective manner. You can build a relationship and ascertain where a prospect is on the sales or job-seeking cycle, allowing you to know when to make a strong push toward a sales or job offer, and when to give a gentle nudge.

What are the most important social media sites for the trucking industry?

  • LinkedIn – When it comes to recruiting, LinkedIn is tough to top. It is a social media site for businesses, recruiters, professionals, and job-seekers, designed to allow people to build a professional network without the restrictions of time and geography, or the need for previous connections to get one’s foot in the door. LinkedIn is a great place to look for, and be found by, potential truck drivers.
  • Facebook – Probably the most popular social network in the world, Facebook is a great place to make new connections, and keep track of old ones. Though it is not professional-centric like LinkedIn, Facebook comes with its own special benefit – close to a billion members. Facebook is also a great place to advertise, as you can target extremely specific demographics, which allows you to make sure your message lands in front of the right people.
  • Twitter – Unlike other sites which restrict your ability to send messages to people with whom you’ve already connected, there are few boundaries on Twitter. Truck industry experts can connect in quick, 140 character messages, just as fans can connect with their favorite celebrity in the same manner. Twitter is also very “share-friendly,” allowing you to build up a strong following, so long as you provide valuable content.
  • YouTube – The key benefit of the YouTube platform is that it allows you to engage driver prospects through video. This can be as simple as a no-frills, expert talk from an executive, or as involved as a polished, well-produced advertisement. There is also always the chance of your video “going viral,” which can land your message in front of thousands, or even millions, of viewers.

For advertising and recruiting, social media isn’t just the wave of the future – it’s the reality of the present. Though the four social networks listed above are among the most popular today, new options emerge by the year. By keeping up with the trends, you can maximize your company’s advertising and recruit drivers in this ever-evolving market.

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