5 YouTube Tips in Truck Driver Recruitment


It’s no secret that marketers and anyone wanting a piece of fame love YouTube. It’s the place to be seen, heard and shared. It’s where brands earn “engagement capital” and get users’ support and loyalty. So YouTube is not just about making videos viral, it’s also about interaction. Keep reading to see how YouTube and social media can recruit truck drivers.

When using YouTube as a driver recruitment platform, you have to focus on improving engagement and making users respond to your call to action. Here’s how.

1. Craft A Simple Yet Irresistible Message

A study conducted by Wistia revealed that 85% of people watch 30-second clips all the way through while videos between 2 and 10 minutes long are partially watched at 50 percent.

This is not unusual given the short attention span of most Internet users. The lesson? Focus on one powerful message and put the best stuff first—ideally within the first 20 seconds of your video.

YouTube and other similar sites lets you upload clips of up to 15 minutes in length. Most popular videos on the site have an average length of 3 minutes. So anything between 2 and 4 minutes should be enough to deliver your recruitment message.

2. Make A Compelling Call to Action

Much well-crafted branded video content on YouTube is often missing a call to action. Be sure not to skip this part if you want better engagement with your target audience.

A compelling call to action tells viewers – what to do (go to my web page) – how to do it (click the link) – why to do it (free product or service)

The why must be an irresistible offer, one that converts YouTube viewers into website visitors. It can be in the form of a free product or service viewers can get immediately. In the driver recruitment world, you could offer a free e-book download about your company or a user-friendly application potential drivers can fill out. 

Your call to action should be placed noticeably in the latter part of the clip or below the video.

3. Make it Personal and Conversational

Setting the right tone is the easiest way to get “yes” from your viewers. And nothing beats a good conversation if you want better engagement.

Go ahead, lose the jargon and talk like an agreeable person. Mind the words you use, too. Don’t sell vacancies, talk about opportunities instead. This positive wording alone can earn you more candidates.

4. Measure and Analyze Your Data

Pay attention to “like” and “dislike” counts on your YouTube video. They usually reveal general viewer sentiment. Are not getting any thumbs-up? Or are there thumbs-down? Initiate a discussion on the page to know more about it. You may have to edit some parts to improve the video.

5. Cross Promote to and from Other Sites

An effective social media strategy is a forest of well-tended trees—that is, actively managed social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You need these platforms in order to maximize YouTube’s engagement potential.

Check your social media accounts for discussions and conversations. In your most active accounts, link to your YouTube video try to get users to talk about it. Or you can also post it directly on your account. Ask the community what they think about it.

Additional tip: use social media management tools like HootSuite to manage YouTube conversations and cross-postings. The app also allows users to send YouTube updates to Facebook, Twitter and other recognized platforms.


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