Driver Recruiting Tips: 4 Ways to Build Your Social Media Community


All of us in the truck driver recruiting business know just how much things have changed over the last several years. Not only has advertising increasingly migrated to the Internet, but social media continues to grow as a source for jobs and employment advertising. Social networks are out of the dorm room and into the board room! Now you have the power to successfully recruit truck drivers on multiple channels.

Check out these 4 driver recruitment tips to build your social media community:

1. Encourage The People You Know To Join In

It’s important to have a social media recruiting presence, but you should also encourage others within the business to join the conversation. It’s fantastic when co-workers and fellow driver recruiters are keyed into your campaign! We all know that plenty of hires are made via personal connections, so if you can connect others to help spread positive word-of-mouth about the company, you’re off to a good start.

For example, have co-workers follow your pages, post photos and engage in the conversation. See if friends and family will write a true 5-star review. This social activity can easily grow your reach to their associates, making a strong personal/professional foundation for driver recruiting.


2. Provide Valuable Social Content

There’s a lot more to recruiting drivers on social media than setting up a few pages and making repeated sales pitches. People get tired of being “sold” something. If you really want to generate driver leads, create content that is valuable to qualified prospects.

Try writing a blog post about the benefits of becoming a truck driver and tweet about it. Maybe share interesting, relevant transportation news for followers to read. You can even post a funny joke here and there to brighten someone’s day. It’s all about being social and providing value. That’s how you build connections with potential candidates!


3. Know Your Audience and Target Them

If you aren’t catching fish in one part of the lake, it may be useful to head over to another spot. The same is true on social media. If the broad approach of simply posting to social media doesn’t seem to be working, it’s likely you’re not reaching the right people at the right time. Try:

  • Implementing targeted ad campaigns – Click here to learn more.
  • Following similar audiences – Look for other users and large brands that are similar to yours, and engage with them!
    • Example: Going to a popular truck show? Using your company’s networks, tag/like/share/retweet the show’s content leading up to and during the event. This is a great way expand your reach in the industry and earn valid social media growth.


4. Take a Look in the Mirror

Remember: You aren’t the only one looking into connections online! While you’re pursuing prospects on various networks, keep in mind those contacts are looking at your channels, too.

Think about how you assess the strengths of a potential new hire when you connect with them. You probably make an assessment fairly quickly. Make sure your social media presence is giving a great first impression. Do your cover photos fit within the correct dimensions? Is your message clear? If you aren’t proud of your social media sites, prospective drivers won’t be either. Be sure to put your best foot forward!


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