10 Tips To Keep Visitors on Your Truck Driver Recruiting Website


Websites are often ignored as driver recruitment tools. Executed well, however, sites and landing pages can effectively bring a constant stream of visitors and good leads. Here are ten of the best strategies you can implement to boost your driver recruiting efforts.

1. Invest on Good Design

A pretty website won’t fully improve your driver recruitment campaign. But a clutter-free and highly usable design would. Good design is about creating a positive user experience. It’s not about the needless bells and whistles. 

Take a look at the current design of your landing page, home page and driver recruitment page. Make sure they’re all designed to serve your audience—to deliver them a message about your company and to help them see their career opportunities. Hire a good designer, if necessary, to improve the usability of your website.

2. Make Your Website Load Fast

Speed is an often overlooked element but one that’s very crucial to keeping visitors on your website. Studies have already shown that a few seconds of delay can negatively impact a site’s conversion rate. Visitors, after all, don’t want to wait. If your site loads in 10 seconds or more, they’ll likely abandon your page and go elsewhere.

3. Optimize for the Mobile Web

When users browse the web, they do it on whatever device they have at the moment—full-sized laptops, mini tablets, smartphones and the like. Don’t frustrate users by optimizing your website for large screens only. Consider how it looks and behaves on smaller screens. By allowing people to access and easily manage your content from any mobile device, you are at the same time increasing your chances of keeping visitors stay on your recruiting website.

4. Design Around Goals

This goes back to your business goals. In your case, your recruitment website has to target a select group of users and convert them into leads. Your website blueprint has to focus on such goal. It has to include targeted landing pages that effectively manage the expectations of your visitors. To check for success, these pages should convert more than 20% of the time. Otherwise, you’ll have to redesign your pages and test them until they deliver results.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Cut the noise. Anything that’s unnecessary will only distract users from your message. That auto-play audio and video and pop-up display will definitely make your clear and compelling copy less effective. Get rid of clutter and expect a dramatic increase in your conversion rates soon.

6. Offer Usable Navigation and Search Functionality

There are two main ways visitors find their way through your website: navigation and search. A usable navigation is one located at the top or in any prominent area of your website. Besides visibility, simplicity is another important feature effective navigation systems have. Simplicity here means giving users clear and obvious channels to get the content they may be looking for.

Ask someone who has never been to your site check it. Can he or she figure out how or where to navigate? Make sure your visitor can.

Next comes the tiny but mighty search box. Allow users to search your pages with keywords or a string of search terms. This is especially useful for larger websites. 

7. Make Your Copy Readable and Mind Your Typography

There are two aspects worth considering here. First is readability or the level of difficulty for comprehension of your text content. Second is typography.

To test the ease of reading or the average grade-level required for comprehension, check your page’s Flesch-Kincaid score. People nowadays are suffering from a deluge of content. They “triage” or determine which content are worthy of their attention. If they find it difficult to get your message, they won’t likely come back. 

The easiest way to improve readability is through the use of simple, common words. So avoid jargon or technical terms.

Next is typography. In general, seriffed fonts are great for print and those without serifs such as Helvetica and Arial are ideal for digital screens. Whichever type of font you end up using, make sure that it’s legible on any type of browser, screen and device.

8. Avoid Pop-ups

Pop-up advertising, in most cases, annoy people. It generally disrupts their experience. If yours currently has one, remove it for some time and check your bounce rate or the length of time visitors spend on your website. Take note that there are ways to attract people’s attention and not annoy them. You can, for instance, make use of the sidebar to display ads.

9. Open Links to a New Tab

Many website owners and content publishers still tend to ignore this basic principle. Users would appreciate it if you open links to outside sources in a new tab or window. This is especially crucial if your landing page contains external links. Simply add thetarget=“_blank” attribute to your links. It’s a very simple code that would greatly enhance the experience of your visitors.

10. Invest on Quality Content

Your website works beautifully in all browsers and across all devices. Your content is easily accessible and legible, and your site loads fast. Still, not enough visitors stay on your page. What else should you be missing? Good content, of course. Or better content, if you consider your existing average.

Mediocre content is everywhere. Other driver recruitment websites offer content similar to yours. So why would people even bother with yours?  Your bounce rate will decrease and conversion rate will improve if and only if you offer people content that’s worth their time. Make your content special and compelling.

Here’s a list of questions you should carefully consider if you want to check the quality of your content and make users happy.

– Does my content provide value to my target audience?
– Will users find it easy to understand what I published on my website?
– Is my content well-researched and well-written? Is it free from spelling and grammatical errors?


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