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How to Write Effective Titles in Your Driver Recruitment Strategy


We live in a WI-FI world where content consumes us. Whether it’s social media shares or simple Google searches, there’s an entire ocean of content—everywhere, all the time. So as a company needing to recruit and hire truck drivers, how do you stand out? How do you get candidates to notice you over your competitors?

To state the obvious, you need a cutting-edge driver recruitment plan that blends an array of paid + unpaid efforts. To have a successful plan, you have to really understand what drives readers to click on, read, share, or interact with different kinds of content. 


5 Recruitment Advertising Tips | Press Releases



A decade ago, people still relied on morning papers for news. Today, the majority of readers find their headlines on Google or social media—and that includes drivers. And because people have now more control on when, where, and how they consume information, public relations has branched out from its traditional news cycle.

Think about how you’ve transformed your recruitment advertising strategy over time to a more personalized, user-friendly approach that helps build relationships with driver candidates. Those same principles should apply to your PR strategy. Your company’s content should tell a story and use tactful outreach to attract media outlets and readers to know your brand.

Press releases are a great way to distribute relevant content and get in front of popular trucking publications in today’s fast-paced market. Keeping reading for a few tips on writing press releases and getting them noticed by news outlets and your audience!


Why You Should Use Content Marketing to Recruit Drivers

As a trucking company or driver recruiter who’s responsible for finding qualified prospects, we’re sure you recognize that there are many drivers who know about your company but have not inquired about opportunities. So why have they not reached out to you? Why have they gone to work for your competition instead? Perhaps you need to look at your advertising efforts and engage with drivers through content marketing.



6 Winning Strategies to Content Creation


Recruiting truck drivers? Then you probably have a recruitment advertising strategy in motion that includes all sorts of components. With growth of the Internet at our fingertips, emerging technology, and new ways to reach truck drivers online, your marketing plan can (and should) include a powerful content creation approach. For your trucking company to stand out above your competitors and capture the attention of potential drivers, your content must be compelling.