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SEO Best Practices | Truck Driver Recruitment


If you hear the term “SEO” and immediately think this concept is over your head, you really shouldn’t! While there are many advanced ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in truck driver recruitment, we are going to give you a couple of short, straightforward tips that you can easily understand and apply.

To successfully recruit truck drivers, SEO must be a heavy component in your recruitment advertising strategy. Let’s talk about it.


Using Search Engine Marketing to Recruit Truck Drivers


Search engine marketing (SEM) has become an important recruitment tool in the trucking industry. The use of SEM to recruit drivers is one of the more effective ways to find qualified drivers for your company in 2014.


With GPS systems, computerized logging, social media apps, and other Internet-based tools becoming standard, the use of technology has increased tremendously over the past few years. Drivers have grown comfortable with emerging technology and mobile Internet-use because, well, who’s more mobile than truck drivers? They’re often accessing the Internet, particularly search engines, for new career opportunities. If you’re recruiting truck drivers, it’s crucial you have a strong search engine presence to reach qualified candidates. These tips can help guide you as you develop an SEM strategy.


Search Engine Marketing to Recruit Truck Drivers

top-10-best-search-engines-1Getting your website noticed to recruit drivers is no easy feat. Hundreds of potential truck drivers go on various search engines everyday to check for current job openings in the trucking industry. But not all of them are guaranteed to visit your recruitment page. This is where search engine marketing, or SEM, comes in.