6 Winning Strategies to Content Creation


Recruiting truck drivers? Then you probably have a recruitment advertising strategy in motion that includes all sorts of components. With growth of the Internet at our fingertips, emerging technology, and new ways to reach truck drivers online, your marketing plan can (and should) include a powerful content creation approach. For your trucking company to stand out above your competitors and capture the attention of potential drivers, your content must be compelling.

Content creation comes in many shapes and forms, and is an integral part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Blogging, social media, press releases, whitepapers–they all take time, resources, and writing skills, which can make it difficult to plan and create quality content. To give you some guidance, we’ve put together six winning strategies to content creation:

1. Turn driver questions into content topics.

Are you constantly thinking, “What should I blog about?” Don’t despair. The answer to this common question is actually found in other questions. The questions prospective drivers ask during the hiring process are questions others are thinking, too. Remember, for all those who ask, there are others who don’t. These are perfect ideas for blog posts because you can provide the answers potential drivers may be looking for. This technique sends traffic to your website, ultimately pushing more users through the conversion process.

2. Use Google tools, RSS feeds, and social media networks to find industry-related ideas.

Make it easier to spot news and current events by subscribing to publications that are likely to publish news relative to the trucking industry (you can even subscribe to non-trucking related publications if it’s of interest to your target audience). Create Google Alerts with industry keywords or search in Google News for real-time stories. This is a great way to identify hot topics affecting trucking and industries alike, and jump on content creation opportunities.

3. Survey your audience to generate ideas. 

An effective way to generate content creation ideas is asking those who will be reading it: your audience. Consider including short surveys with content offers to collect responses. Survey fields help your brand identify and score potential driver leads, while they also propel content ideas. Place surveys on your website, email blasts or social media networks.

4. Always start with a working title.

In your content creation strategy, a good rule of thumb is to never finalize your title before you are finished writing. For example, if you’re composing a blog post, start with a “working title” — one that’s reflective of what you’re writing about, but not yet as eye-catching as it could be. Why? Because even if you create an outline before you start writing, the final product typically strays at least a little from original plan. Not worrying about the title until you know you can craft one that accurately reflects the finished piece allows you to stay focused on the most difficult part — actually writing!

5. Optimize keywords to improve SEO.

To recruit truck drivers, you need to be sending traffic to your website. One of the best ways to do this (without a paid PPC campaign) is by frequently publishing keyword-rich content to your website. Let’s use blogging as an example. Place relevant keywords in the blog’s meta tag located in the head section of the page’s HTML code, title, meta description, and sprinkled throughout the actual content. If the keywords you’re trying to optimize have been incorporated correctly, overtime you’ll increase organic web traffic. Using keywords correctly throughout your content can be critical to improving search engine ranking.

6. Combine blog posts to create an eBook.

When talking about content creation, don’t forget about offers such as eBooks and whitepapers. They’re fantastic opportunities to push out premium content while generating top-of-the-funnel driver leads. Writing an eBook can be intimidating, but once you get started it’s simpler than you may think. Start with an outline and then treat each chapter as a separate blog post. This technique makes eBook creations quick and easy.

If you’re using content marketing to recruit drivers, looking for content creation ideas, or just tips to increase website traffic, we hope these six winning strategies have been helpful! 

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