Mobile Marketing for Trucking Companies

If you’re looking to reach top truck drivers in today’s high-tech world, then you need to connect with them where they are–and that could be anywhere, on any highway, at any time.

mobile5Think about it–trucking is the most mobile of all professions. That means to be as successful as possible at reaching the talent you want, you need a mobile strategy that can attract and communicate with them on the go, on any device, tablet or smartphone they prefer.

A good mobile strategy lets you connect with drivers where they are.

For recruiters and marketers, mobile is here and there’s no going back. This is not to say that truckers don’t still read magazines on the road. But think about how much time truckers spend on their devices when not behind the wheel. A good mobile strategy means your messages will reach them in the most effective way.

What goes into a mobile strategy?

First you need to think about what today’s job seeker expects. With today’s technology, they want to receive:

  • Instantaneous updates on job listings on their mobile phones and tablets
  • Faster response to their applications
  • Videos and other rich media to help sell them on your firm, and more

That means having a mobile strategy in place to achieve these goals. It will put you miles ahead of your competition (no pun intended) and keep you top of mind for any potential recruits.

Start with a mobile friendly website and features

Even before putting mobile (and even social) strategies in place, ensure you are visible on any selected device a truck driver chooses to use. That means having a mobile optimized website that is easy to view and navigate.

Your mobile site needs to represent your brand accurately and well, but should have applicable features that your online site doesn’t require. Things like creating a custom mini-app that has larger tabs and more condensed buckets of information to make it easier for a recruit to find and access what they need on a smaller screen.

You should also consider “push” technology that lets your reach out to truckers and send vital information to them in a fast, real-time way that they will appreciate, as well as a “tap-to-call” feature that lets drivers respond to you on their smartphones with a single touch of their finger.

We would love to discuss the right mobile strategy for you. It’s an extremely tough recruitment world today and you can’t afford not to be ahead of the game when it comes to mobile.

Investigate it. Learn more. And know that a good mobile strategy can make a candidate’s smartphone your biggest advocate and greatest tool for attracting them to your company. A mobile marketing strategy for trucking companies is a must!

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