Is Print Dead? Nope, Just Different.


As Mark Twain said when the New York Journal mistakenly published his obituary, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Let’s talk print (print advertising for driver recruiting, specifically.)

We all know the Internet has taken on a strong new role in recruitment advertising. And yes, it looks as if this may be a leading role. But carriers who have decided to only advertise on a digital level may be missing the unique advantages that a printed message still offers. Using print advertising to recruit truck drivers still has its place.

Print still reaches a portion of truck drivers, and this portion could potentially be an audience you want to be in front of. Perhaps you place an eye-catching advertisement at a truck stop—that’s a memorable piece of content. Or say you place an ad in a popular newspaper or magazine available at that truck stop. If drivers take that recruiting digest back to their cab, you’ve successfully placed your company’s compelling message in front of them for up to three months. Yes, the average printed recruiting magazine has a 12-week shelf life. Online campaigns can get lost in the shuffle, giving print a boost when it comes to candidates remembering who you are and what you have to offer.

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Print offers a branding message within an ad itself. But even more importantly, your print ad can serve as an important gateway for your overall presence on the web. What makes a driver recruit decide to visit your website or Facebook Page? What brings your company to the top of their mind before they begin their search? Chances are it’s a printed message.

If you’ve fortified your print advertising strategy with the right contact information, such as QR codes and web addresses, you’ve provided that potential truck driver with the reminder of your web presence and information they need to make contact and learn more about you. The role of print is changing, and will continue to change as we move toward a digital era. However, that doesn’t mean print is totally dead. The question shouldn’t be, “Should I exclude print advertising all together from now?” But instead, “How can I use print to my greatest advantage?”

In this challenging recruiting environment, who can afford not to use every tool in the arsenal to attract drivers?

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