Why Using Twitter to Recruit Drivers Is More Important Than Ever


If you haven’t incorporated Twitter into your driver recruitment advertising just yet, now is the time to. Why? Because Google and Twitter just announced that tweets will appear in mobile and desktop search results. Now this is big news! 

For those in the driver recruitment advertising field, prepare to get even more mileage out of your social media content.

Google announced that they’ve expanded from showing tweets on mobile to also showing them on desktop. The integration of tweets into search results provides greater incentive for brands to jump on the social media band wagon. Now that companies have the opportunity to rank in search results across multiple devices, they’re able to grab their target audience’s attention and drive more traffic. Let’s dig a little deeper…

This development is the result of a deal between Twitter and Google earlier this year. Twitter agreed to give Google access to the streaming social content users publish on its platform, offering searchers access to first-hand content. The partnership is extending this online approach by making it possible to search for hashtags, trending topics, and Twitter accounts with just a regular Google search. Showing real time events in search results isn’t completely new for Google, but Twitter’s desktop integration adds a new dimension.


So what does this all mean for you? Well, those that already have a strong Twitter presence and post regularly about news related to the transportation industry should start to see traffic gains from their tweets – or at least benefit from greater brand awareness as more people see their ongoing content.

If you don’t have an active Twitter account, unfortunately you’re missing opportunities to get in front of prospective truck drivers – and not just once, but now twice (Twitter stream + Google search results). This is a big reminder that social media is an important part of a healthy driver recruitment advertising strategy.

Not only do we suggest actively using Twitter to recruit truck drivers and build a connection with them, but creating original content about the topics you know your audience cares about is key. By doing so, this search feature can help you get even more value out of your social media investment.

The Takeaway: Google is now extending its use of tweets to all desktop and mobile results pages, meaning your trucking company has the opportunity to be more searchable online, drive web traffic, and generate driver leads. Pretty fantastic, huh?

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