Top Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging to Recruit Truck Drivers


As you’re probably aware, finding qualified truck drivers remains a challenge as the economy improves. Trucking volume is picking up and competition for new drivers is tougher than ever. That means your job as the person recruiting drivers is to get a leg up on the competition by improving your current advertising strategy, and by exploring new recruitment methods.

While there are tons of techniques, let’s shine some light on blogging to recruit drivers.

Trucking blogs can be a great recruiting technique. They provide engaging information to those interested in the transportation industry in a fun, informative and conversational matter. A few benefits of blogging include:

  • Becoming a trusted industry source
  • Keeping your content fresh
  • Bringing new traffic to your website / improving SEO

With all of these benefits, why aren’t you blogging? Engaging blog posts offering content about trucking life will reward you with traffic from potential truck drivers. Let’s talk about how to do just that.

Publish Quality Content to Draw In Readers

As with most things, quality is incredibly important. There are endless trucking blogs on the web, so it’s important to know how to blog and what to blog about.

Any company interested in recruiting drivers should offer information on a variety of subjects in the truck driving industry. The content should be clear, relevant and engaging. Don’t be boring. Don’t make it too lengthy (roughly 400-600 words). Give people the information they want and need to know. Answer your audience’s questions.

For example, write a blog post on “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your CDL” or “10 Winter Driving Tips.” Guides and lists made up of quality, relevant content for truck drivers is an excellent way to promote traffic to your site and become a trusted industry source.

Blogging to recruit drivers also allows you to keep your content fresh. Have a new YouTube video? What about exciting news you want to share? Blog about it!

Boost Your Organic Web Presence with Keywords

Your blogs should contain keywords about the article topic in order to be found in search engines. This technique, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is incredibly important for successful blogging efforts. 

Search engines will pick up on keywords you incorporate in your posts, so you want to choose key terms that reflect the topic or goal of your blog. Here’s why…

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are always crawling websites. These digital tools patrol the Internet for sites to offer users regularly updated content. So, by consistenly publishing keyword-rich blog posts, it tells search engines like Google, “Hey, here’s fresh content that contains the phrases people are Googling. Give them this info.” This results in more crawls on your website.

Just blogging once or twice a week will keep your site high in search results, ultimately resulting more exposure from potential drivers who are likely looking at multiple driving opportunities in the current driver’s market.

Link Blog Posts to Emails & Social Media

After publishing your blog, let people know about it. Post a link to your blog post on your next email blast and your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. This promotes website traffic and social media response, a winning combo! 

Blogging allows you to provide your audience with engaging content and encourage them to share it with others. One single well-written blog article can create a surge of new visitors! Just think about a website you like to visit. It’s very likely that there are opportunities to share or comment on the material. If you create blogs that Internet surfers enjoy, you can be the company being shared by others. Now that’s powerful brand awarness!

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