4 Tips to Recruit Drivers on Social Media


With the truck driver shortage across the country, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to increase the success of driver recruitment campaigns, and one of the constant high-performing areas is social media. But there is far more to an effective social media presence than simply playing the popularity game.

The most likes and shares do not necessarily translate into meeting your truck driver recruitment goals. It’s about building real connections between your company and the truck driver candidates you seek, and this is best accomplished using a well-planned and executed strategy.

Take a look at these four tips to recruit drivers on social media and grow your online presence with driver prospects:


1.  Be Visible

You’ll be unlikely to attract many new drivers unless they are aware of your company in the first place. In the past this meant newspapers, billboards, and other forms of print media. While these are still highly relevant, job seekers are increasingly searching for opportunities online. This means that a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter is essential, and of course a well-designed website to drive traffic to.  An added bonus to being active on social media is that these networks are often used during driver’s “down time.” This means they are likely to be less busy, less stressed, and more likely to spend time learning about your company.


2. Be Connected

Once you’ve built a strong foundation, you’ll want to be more proactive in seeking connections. After all, it’s not easy to extend the reach of your message when you’re relying on drivers to find you on their own. This is the prime stage to incorporate good, relevant content for your audience. As you ask questions, share industry news, and publish funny social media posts, you’re driving engagement and building connections. Like elsewhere, success in the world of social media is about providing value. If you create interesting and useful content, potential drivers will find their way to your page–leading them one step closer to filling out an app. This brings us to our next tip…


3. Convert Your Leads

As you’re building an engaging, professional, and diversified social presence, and followers to go along with it, it’s time to convert these leads into the drivers. This may be accomplished by any number of means like Facebook and Twitter Advertising, but one of the most quick and simple ways is blending in social media posts about available driver jobs.  Use short text and a bold image to let drivers know you’re looking for their talent.  A well-formulated announcement will contain an easy-to-follow link to your landing page as well. Remember: your strategy has already helped truck driver leads to voluntarily connect with your company – they are interested!


4. Keep It Simple

Help your truck driver leads become hires by streamlining the application process. Sure, you’ll need to conduct interviews and background checks, but we’re at step one here. Convert that qualified driver lead! To do so, it is absolutely key to be mobile friendly and provide a short app on a landing page.  A busy driver needs to be able to complete the form in just a couple of minutes. Or maybe they’re not ready to fill out a full application and just want to get in touch with a recruiter. The more you do to simplify that first contact, the more you’ll see continued contact, in the form of new drivers.

Looking for more tips on the best ways to recruit truck drivers? Contact The Hightower Agency, the Leader in Recruitment Advertising. We’d love for you to get in touch and learn about our cutting-edge services to help you reach your hiring needs.


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