5 Reasons Drivers Are Ignoring Your Email

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Are you using email to recruit truck drivers? How’s it going? What’s your open rate looking like? If you’re all like, “Yeah, it’s not very good” then you are not alone. For trucking companies using email campaigns in recruitment advertising, getting amazing open and click-through rates isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it’s totally possible!

Let’s evaluate some email no-no’s that aren’t doing anyone any favors (and how you can fix them so your contacts will look forward to reading your awesome content).

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If you’re sending email blasts as part of your driver recruitment strategy and wondering why people are ignoring them, here are five possible reasons:

1. Your subject line stinks.

One of the top reasons contacts are ignoring is your email might be that the subject line is boring or repetitive. For example, a poor subject title would be “Hightower Agency Newsletter.” Not only is this monotonous, but it’s not telling you anything about what’s inside. Or worse, being marked as spam. Spice up your subject lines! Read it aloud and listen how it sounds. If it sounds like something you wouldn’t open, most likely your contacts won’t open it.

2. You’re not optimized for mobile.

Did you know that more than 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device? This trend continues to rise, meaning it’s crucial that your company is a mobile-friendly one. If you’re behind on this trend, it may be a huge factor in why your numbers are low. True life: nobody wants to take the time to pinch and zoom on their phone. So double check that your email blasts are optimized for mobile devices and display correctly.

3. You’re not providing value.

If your recruitment email campaigns are focused on “ME ME ME” and always about the company, you’re missing the point of this important tool. Any time you send out an email to drivers and prospective drivers, it should give them something of value. What’s something they can benefit from? If you continue to provide interesting, valuable email content, your contacts will open it.

Tip: Include call-to-actions and link to more information when appropriate.

4. You’re sending on the wrong day / time.

Have you ever heard the popular suggestion to send newsletters on Tuesday mornings? It’s rumored that years ago someone shared this little tidbit, so every business decided to do just that. Now, the problem is that everyone is still sending emails on Tuesday A.M. Don’t get lost in the shuffle! Try something else. Send Thursday. After that, try Saturday (yes, people read their email on the weekends.)

Forget about wanting to be the first in the inbox at 7:00 A.M. It will get buried. Send it out late afternoon. Just try it. Test various days and times and measure your analytics to see how contacts are interacting and what works for you.

5. Your email has too much stuff.

One of the reasons people might be ignoring your email is because it’s too congested. Like all forms of messaging, the success of your email campaigns in recruitment advertising depend a lot on being scannable and easy to absorb. If the format has lengthy text and isn’t broken up with things like bullet points and images, recipients won’t take the time to read it (and probably won’t even open the next one). Instead of noise, have a clear, scannable format. It’s much better!

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There you have it! We hope these tips help boost your open and click-through rates, and more importantly allow you to communicate with and nurture driver leads. Email is a fantastic recruiting tool for connecting with your audience and increasing conversions. Remember that if your company email is something you would personally ignore, then change it to something you would actually read!

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