How To Convert Truck Driver Leads on Facebook

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We all know social media is big — and getting bigger by the minute. Most trucking companies have a Facebook Page, make posts, monitor activity, etc. But did you know you can use Facebook, the most popular social network in the U.S., to target your audience and effectively convert truck driver leads? If you’re interested in learning how to do just that, take a look!

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There are a lot of effective advertising platforms and techniques available to help you successfully recruit drivers and convert qualified candidates into hires. One of those is Facebook, so today we’re focusing on using this popular social network to target driver prospects and grow qualified leads.

Here are five steps to convert truck driver leads on Facebook:

Step 1: Create Your Landing Page

Many companies spend time and effort driving massive amounts of traffic to their website through recruitment advertising campaigns. But there’s one problem: they’re sending traffic to their website homepage. If your goal is to convert driver leads on Facebook, do not – I repeat – do not send traffic to the homepage!

Have a branded lead generation landing page, one that shows exactly what you’re offering and a short form for potential drivers to fill out. This landing page will be the one to use in your Facebook campaign to push prospects through the conversion process.

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Step 2: Create Your Website Conversions Facebook Ad

Now it’s time to create your paid ad campaign. Go to the advertising platform here, then choose your objective: in this case “Increase conversions on your website.” Facebook is going to give you a tracking pixel to place on your site. Get your tech guy to put the code on your landing page (Facebook will give you the exact instructions to send).

Once the pixel is in place, create your ad that’s optimized to get people to take a specific action on your landing page, such as filling out a recruiter contact form. A few things to include in your ad: short, engaging verbiage, a bold image that will catch peoples’ attention, link to your landing page, and a call-to-action button to encourage people to click.

Set your own budget, schedule, and targeting parameters–bringing us to the next step…

Step 3: Target Your Audience

Who are you trying to target? What’s their age, gender, and interests? Where are your hiring zones? It’s essential to set up the available targeting options in your campaign. Otherwise, you’ll be showcasing your advertisement to the wrong people and you’ll have already failed. Know your audience, and specifically choose the best targeting parameters available to you through Facebook’s ad platform.

Step 4: Watch Your Conversions Grow!

This is the exciting part. After your campaign is live, the landing page pixel will work its magic. You can hop in your Facebook campaign metrics to see how many conversions have happened as a result of your ad. Pretty cool, right?

Again, this is why it’s crucial to target your audience and send traffic to your lead gen landing page. Your goal of attracting and converting leads to qualified driver hires is in reach!

Step 5: Analyze and Optimize

After your Website Conversions Facebook ad is complete, look at the results and analyze how your campaign performed. Note the number of conversions–the most important metric—and view other results like clicks and reach to learn more about its performance.

You should also analyze how your audience interacted with your ad and where. This will help you optimize future campaigns so you can continuously improve them. For example: if your ad performed extremely well in the Facebook Mobile News Feed, but very low on the Desktop Right Column, maybe next time consider only placing your ad in the News Feed (and as always… be sure you’re mobile-friendly!)

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We hope these five steps to convert truck driver leads on Facebook have been helpful today! If you’re interested in more driver recruiting tips and ways to improve your driver recruitment advertising, get in touch with The Hightower Agency.


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