How to Have Your Best Year on Twitter in Recruiting Truck Drivers


Ah… a new year. It’s a time to reflect on your efforts and goals in the previous year and brainstorm new ways to improve on those efforts. In this case, we’re talking about driver recruitment. The struggle is real when it comes to the truck driver shortage, and this year brings opportunities to enhance your recruitment advertising and fill those trucks!

As the use of mobile devices and apps rapidly soar, we decided to focus on a social network popular for truck drivers: Twitter. If you want to have your best year ever on Twitter, take a look at this checklist to help you grow your following, increase engagement and generate driver leads for your trucking company.

Ready to recruit drivers on Twitter? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Build Your Profile

  • Use powerful images – Your Twitter header (dimensions 1500 x 500 px) and profile image (400 x 400 px) should easily explain what your company is and draw people in.
  • Create a searchable bio – Using keywords and hashtags that are related to your company will
    increase the number of times you show up in search results.
  • Pin your best tweet to the top of your profile – When people visit your profile, this particular tweet is the first one they’ll see, so use this space to promote your most important tweet. Here’s how.
  • Link to your website – In your bio, include a link to drive viewers to your website.

Step 2: Use Visuals in Tweets

  • Use eye-catching images in each tweet – The ideal size for a tweet’s image is 1024 x 512 px. Images drive more engagement.
  • Create images that relate to your tweet copy – Viewers are more likely to view your image than your tweet copy, so make sure the image portrays the message you want, as well.

Step 3: Optimize Tweet Copy

  • Include hashtags related to your tweet – Hashtags will help your tweet be seen in more search results. Be careful not to include too many though; stick to 2-4. Example: #truckdriverjobs #truckingjobs #truckerjobs
  • Link back to your website whenever possible – Linking back to your website is how you will drive more traffic, leads, and potential truck drivers.
  • Vary the types of content you post – Post different types of content. Blog posts and trucking industry articles are good, but what about a picture of a few fleet managers? Have a little fun with it.
  • Use active words – Actions speak louder than words, and action words speak even louder!
    Use more verbs to make tweets more clickable.

Step 4: Promote with Ads (Great for Lead Generation)

  • Use promoted tweets to highlight your best content – Reach audiences you’ve been unable to reach before through Twitter advertising. This is a fantastic tool to grow driver leads. Learn more here.
  • Optimize promoted tweets for lead generation:
    • Only include one link in your tweet and no hashtags. The less places
      people can click, the more people will click on your website link (and
      you pay for each click, so make it worth it.)
    • Take advantage of Twitter’s targeting options to reach qualified audiences.
    • Keep tweets to 100-120 characters (They convert better!)

Step 5: Engage Your Nework

  • Curate Twitter Lists to segment users – Strategically build connections by using Twitter Lists to sort users you’re most interested in engaging with (your top driver leads.) Here’s how to create a list.
  • Connect with influencers in your space – Form relationships with influencers by following them and interacting with them occasionally, i.e. users within the transportation industry.
  • Tweet often – Tweet at least once a day. A few times a day is great!

You’re all set! Now go ahead have an awesome year on Twitter.

This social network is a great tool for driving traffic, capturing leads, and generating prospective drivers. If you need help with Twitter marketing or advertising to recruit truck drivers, we’d love to help! Contact the Hightower Agency HERE.



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