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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Keep Visitors On Your Website


Recruiting truck drivers? Your website is one of the most crucial components to a successful recruitment strategy. It’s where prospects learn about your offerings and apply to drive for your company. However, websites are often ignored as driver recruitment tools. When executed well, sites and landing pages can effectively bring a constant stream of visitors and qualified leads.


Why You Need Landing Pages to Convert Driver Leads



Do you want to improve your lead generation efforts? Would you like a full pipeline of qualified driver leads? Sure you would! There’s an effective way to do it, but the problem is many companies spend most of their time and effort that drive massive amounts of traffic to their sites through PPC ads, social media and email marketing. This is great, but it’s not the best way to push prospective drivers through the conversion process. If you’re wanting more leads and you’re sending traffic to your company homepage, you’ve already failed.

With so much investment in traffic, many forget the second part of lead generation – conversions. That’s where landing pages come in. They help convert more traffic into qualified driver leads; this is crucial in your driver recruitment strategy.

If you’re wondering what a landing page is, what it entails, what it means to convert visitors to leads, and why all of this is important, we’ll help you out!