The 411 on Gmail Sponsored Promotions to Recruit Drivers


There are many ways to recruit truck drivers: data miningsearch engine marketingcreation of landing pages for lead generationretargetingsocial mediabloggingFacebook ads campaignsemail marketingGoogle AdWordsmobile marketing, newspaper ads, radio ads… you get the idea. But have you ever considered advertising your trucking company to potential drivers on an email service? You can!

It’s nearly impossible to imagine life without email. Various types of digital platforms may come and go, but email still remains the medium of choice for online communication. Whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device, the country is actively checking their email on a daily basis. What’s more, a large percentage of email users are Gmail users.

Ever since Gmail came onto the scene 10 years ago, it has surpassed Yahoo Mail, AOL and other email providers on several levels and has become one of the most popular and widely-used email services. According to a recent Yesmail studyGmail has the most engaged user base. It also says the number of Gmail users is growing far faster than any other free email service. In addition, there are over 425 million Gmail users. What that being said, the ability to recruit drivers on this platform is pretty nifty — recruit truck drivers with Gmail Sponsored Promotions!

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Through Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), your company can connect with drivers through an innovative and engaging ad format. This platform allows you to use the right media type on the right screen at the right time to reach your target audience effectively. Using Gmail Sponsored Promotions to recruit drivers, you can:

  • Drive traffic and qualified applications
  • Build build awareness
  • Grow loyalty and retention

How Does It Work?

If you’re looking to recruit truck drivers on Gmail, GSP offer great display options. It allows you to deliver subject line, teasers, and full-page ads directly to your targets’ email inboxes. Teaser ads are displayed:

1.  In the email pane on the right hand side of the user’s email

2.  Above the email fold

Check out this example:


With those teaser ads are clicked, they will be taken directly to your trucking company site or landing site. It’s simple, clean, and powerful. We’ll tell you more about how to advertise on Gmail!

Why Gmail Sponsored Promotions Are Effective

This advertising technique works well because your company is able to reach users while they’re checking their personal email, a place many people visit on their desktop or mobile device everyday. Gmail Sponsored Promotions provide relevant messages to prospective drivers by targeting users through a range of methods:

  • IP based
  • Geo targeting (country, state, and city)
  • Language
  • Domain – this allows advertisers to target people who have domains (ex: in their inbox
  • Keyword targeting – target users who have specific keywords in the 300 most recent active emails (ex: looking for truck driving jobs, truck driver positions, etc..)
  • Demo targeting (age and gender)
  • Job targeting
  • Email list targeting – specify a list of email addresses to target against
  • Product purchase (receipt) targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Device targeting

Once the ads are set in motion, they provide optimum delivery by showing ads only 10x per user within a 30-day period until they open or dismiss it. It’s also cost-effective; you only pay once per user per campaign with Gmail’s cost per click pricing. In addition, Gmail Sponsored Promotions average 20% higher CTR (click through rate) over regular text ads within Gmail.

Another good reason to try GSP to recruit truck drivers is because these ads are displayed on mobile devices. Your company can reach drivers across multiple devices, a key component to a successful driver recruitment strategy. Gmail Sponsored Promotions run on Android, iOS and mobile web. You can reach potential drivers wherever they are and deliver high-impact ads, automatically adjusted for mobile devices.

The Gmail Sponsored Promotion interface is for those who have an account in Google AdWords. This new type of campaign showcases advanced targeting features, HTML creative, and flexible budgeting and bidding options, making it a very attractive channel to recruit truck drivers. Advertising your trucking company on Gmail to recruit drivers is a succesful tactic you should try!

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